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God’s Prophetic Voices to America by Dr. David Reagan


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God’s Prophetic Voices to America

by Dr. David Reagan

The Bible teaches that before God pours out His wrath on a nation He has blessed, He always warns first calling the nation to repentance through prophetic voices and remedial judgments. This book clearly shows how God has been speaking to America for decades through a variety of prophetic voices who have been alerting the nation to its sins and calling it to repentance. It also demonstrates how the nation has turned a deaf ear to these messages and to the remedial judgments God has sent.

This, of course, raises the crucial question. “Is there any hope for America?” The answer to that question , which this book supplies, is sobering. It will impel you into the Scriptures and to your knees in prayer.



  1. America’s Spiritual Crisis
  2. Peter Marshall: A Voice Calling For Commitment
  3. David Wilkerson: A Voice Warning America
  4. Francis Scheffer: A Voice Advocating a Biblical Worldview
  5. Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn: A Voice Pleading For Remembrance


6. Donald Wildmon: A Voice Crying For Decency

7. Erwin Lutzer: A Voice Emphasizing the Evil of Man

8. David Jeremiah: A Voice Decrying Rebellion

9. William Koenig: A Voice of Warning Concerning Israel

10. Jan Markell: A Voice Denouncing Apostasy

11. Albert Mohler Jr.: A Voice Confronting Intellectuals

12. Franklin Graham: A Voice Calling For Repentance

13. Robert Jeffress: A Voice Warning of Impending Judgment

14. Jonathan Cahn: A Voice Declaring Impending Destruction




287 pages


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