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God’s Healing Code: A Biblical Prescription To Restoring Body and Soul by Hebrew World & Dr. Chris Green


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God’s Healing Code: A Biblical Prescription To Restoring Body and Soul

by Hebrew World (Danny Ben Gigi) & Dr. Chris Green

In this amazing book, Dr. Christopher Greene blends over 25 years of clinical experience with Biblical wisdom, unlocking simple solutions to regain youth and vitality at any age. Published by Dr. Danny Ben Gigi of Hebrew World, Dr. Greene blends the secrets of health from the Bible with modern medicine. You’ve never read a book quite like this one! The secrets to good health and long life lie in the pages of the Bible and in the Hebrew language—available to all of us! Here’s your opportunity to restore the Temple of God to full functioning capacity!

  • Learn the Bible’s easy remedy for chronic pain
  • Discover God’s prescription for Diabetes, Heart Disease and High Blood Pressure
  • Explore fun-filled workouts straight from the Bible
  • Unravel the mysteries of Scripture with ancient Hebrew
  • Encounter a fusion of Bible and Science like never before

Here are just a few of the choice chapters in God’s Healing Code


  1. Introduction: The Chemistry of Creation” – Proving Scripture with Science

Part 1: Chaos or Awakening? Hearing God in a World Upside Down

  1. Peace in the Storm
  2. Are You Blinded by Bias? 
  3. Camels and Honey and Bears – Oh My! 

Part 2: Modern Disease, Ancient Cures: Health Through the Lens of Hebrew

  1. Up a Creek Without a Paddle: Do You Have Metabolic Syndrome? 
  2. Anatomy of an Afflicted People
  3. Shalom – A Different Kind of Health
  4. Warriors and Tutus: God’s Prescription For Exercise

Part 3: The Temple and Healing – Restoring Health With Fat

  1. Filling the Temple With Glory
  2. Green and Gold: Finding Omega 3’s With Hebrew
  3. Your Body Needs Saturated Fat
  4. The Walls of Jerusalem Are Made of Butter
  5. Shabbat and Date Night: How Food Saves Marriages and Heals the Sick

Part 4: The Four Honors of Healing

  1. Liver Detox? Lean on the Lord
  2. Who Leads Your House?
  3. Is Honor Earned?
  4. Faltering Steps – Our Kids Lives Hang in the Balance
  5. Sin and Inflammation: Two Conditions; Same Problem

Appendix A: Chapter 2 Study Answers

Appendix B: Chapter 3 Study Answers

Appendix C: God’s Healing Code Exercises

Appendix D: Understanding Chiasms: Why God Gave You Two Eyes Instead of One

Hebrew Glossary





HARDBACK – 304 pages

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