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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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God Loves Israel Package – A Collection of Messianic Resources From Olivier Melnick **Shipping included in U.S. only**


End Times Antisemitism: A New Chapter in the Longest Hatred by Olivier J. Melnick

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The Normalization of Antisemitism - When the Oldest Hatred Becomes the New Normal - by Olivier Melnick - Shipping included in the US only

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The One Minute Devotional - 365 Daily Devotionals From a Jewish Perspective - by Olivier Melnick

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God Loves Israel Package

A Collection of Messianic Resources

From Chosen People’s Ministry Olivier Melnick

**International customers see below for shipping**

  1. The Normalization of Anti-Semitism book
  2. End Times Antisemitism book
  3. The One Minute Messianic Devotional book
  4. End Times Prophetic Rescue DVD from the Homeward Bound Prophecy Conference
  5. BDS: A Danger Againts Israel DVD from the Homeward Bound Prophecy Conference 


The New Antisemitism has been around for more than two decades. The role reversal between the victims and the perpetrators is now complete. We are at a very critical crossroads in antisemitism, a tipping point of sorts. We are facing the normalization of antisemitism when not only have the tables been turned on the victims, but the world doesn’t seem to care. Few are Israel’s friends and many are her foes.

• What is next on God’s agenda with the Jewish people?
• What can the friends of Israel do?
• Is antisemitism just a Jewish problem?


Often known as “The Oldest Hatred,” anti-Semitism has been punctuating Jewish history since biblical days. As history’s timeline moved towards modernism, anti-Semitism evolved with the times. Originally, it was theological anti-Judaism that grew into social and geographical ostracism eventually culminating into racial hatred and ethnic cleansing during the Holocaust. In our postmodern era, a new anti-Semitism has come on the scene. It is cloaked in a garment of social justice and tolerance that to this day continues to turn the victims into the perpetrators, as people claim to be anti-Zionists or anti-Israel but certainly not anti-Semitic anymore.

Yet, more recently, as documented in this book, classical anti-Semitism has merged with the New anti-Semitism to create a new breed of Jew-hatred that I call “Eschatological anti-Semitism” or “End-Times anti-Semitism,” I posit that this anti-Semitism of the Last Days is different from all his predecessors and much more lethal as well. Biblically, it is Israel’s enemy’s (Satan) last attempt at completely annihilating the Jews. This author will compare the different anti-Semitism’s historically, culturally and biblically as well as expose the current increasing danger of End-Times anti-Semitism. More than an exposé, this book will also offer to equip the reader with the Judeo-Christian principles necessary to fight this final evil against the Jewish people.


I don’t exactly recall how I decided to do so, but one day I started to select one or two verses that would particularly minister to me that day out of my daily devotions. Then, I would write a very short commentary from a Jewish perspective, expounding the main thought of that passage and posting it on all my social networks. It eventually became known as “The 1 Minute Devotional by Olivier Melnick.” I have continued to publish my daily devotionals and I make a point to keep them short. Let’s face it, we live in a consumer world, bombarded with messages and images, and our attention span has been exponentially reduced over the years. Additionally, I have created a section, titled “Dig Deeper” that includes a few verses related to the daily selection, if one desires to read/study a bit more.



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