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Giants, Fallen Angels, and the Return of the Nephilim: Ancient Secrets to Prepare For the Coming Days by Dr. Dennis Lindsay – FREE SHIPPING IN THE USA!


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Giants, Fallen Angels, and the Return of the Nephilim

Ancient Secrets to Prepare For the Coming Days


by Dr. Dennis Lindsay

Did dinosaurs exist? We know they did because their bones have been discovered all over the world. But what about the biblical giants? Where is the proof that they existed without the bones? What most people don’t realize is that the bones and skeletons of the giants were on public display in abundance . . . until the 1950s. Then they systematically all disappeared! What became of them? 
Renowned early explorers who surveyed North and South America wrote of them. The Greek version of the Old Testament, the Septuagint, testified of their existence 200 years before Christ. History abounds with evidence, both written accounts and physical, megalithic evidence. Did the Smithsonian Institute participate in a coverup? Who built the great structures found all around the world like Baalbek and the Great Pyramid, massive engineering and architectural undertakings physically impossible to duplicate today? Dennis Lindsay has put together a comprehensive masterpiece, covering the Nephilim, genetic hybrid engineering, the coming UFO deception . . . even a study on biblical curses with some famous modern day families who appear to have been cursed by God. If you enjoyed Ryan Pitterson’s book, Judgment of the Nephilim, you will enjoy Dr. Lindsay’s seminal and thought provoking work.
Take a look at this AMAZING Table of Contents! 
Section I: GIANTS
1. Giants in the Bible
2. Supersized Giants
3. Giants of Today and Yesterday
4. Fossils and Records of Giants in North America
5. Giants From Around the World
6. Heroes of the Ancients
7. Megalithic Monuments
8. More Megalithic Mysteries
9. Around the World
10. Moving Stone Mountains
11. Ancient Wonder in Israel
12. Enter Stage Left—Agent Supernatural
Section II: ANGELS
13. The Truth About Angels
14. The Sons of God: Angels or Humans
15. Sexless Angels?
16. Extra-biblical Resources and the Sons of God
17. The Bible and the Sons of God
18. Why Destroy the Entire World?
19. What Made Noah’s Genealogy So Distinctive?
20. Noah’s Three Daughter-In-Law
21. Post Flood Nephilim
22. Pre-Flood Contamination with Animals
23. Biblical Prohibitions
24. Spiritual Contamination and Defilement
25. The Testimony of Jude
26. The Testimony of Peter
27. The Testimony of the Greek Septuagint
28. Servants of Satan: Hell’s Angels
29. Bashan and the Cross
30. Satan’s Plan of Attack
31. Blood Curses
32. Curse on the Kennedy Family Lineage
33. Blood Curse of King Jehoiachin
34. God’s Call to Abram: “Go, Live in the Land of the Nephilim”
35. Covenant-Keeping Circumcision
36. God’s End Run: Breaking the Curse
37. Preparing For the Return of the Nephilim
38. The Technological Giant: Moving Towards Genetic Engineering
39. Forerunners of the Nephilim
40. The Return of the Nephilim Giants
41. Cloning and Stem Cell Research
42. The Evil Side of Genetic Hybrids
43. Coming To Your Neighborhood Soon
44. Aliens and the Coming Deception
45. Wrapping Up the History of Planet Earth
Postscript: God’s Love For Israel
278 pages

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