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Galatians: Freedom in Christ—Understanding Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians


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Galatians: Freedom in Christ

Understanding Paul’s Epistles to the Galatians

A Verse-by-Verse Study of the Epistle to the Galatians

by Meno Kalisher

Believers in Jesus all over the world keep asking the same questions. 

Are we obliged to keep the Old Testament Commandments—what the Bible calls “The Law?”

If so, does that include all of the commandments or just some of them?

And what about the religious traditions—should we keep them or shouldn’t we? 

Do the Old Testament Commandments as well as the traditions oblige only the Jewish believers in Jesus, while Gentile believers can do as they please? 

Did you think these questions were only questions that modern day Christians have? Actually, the Galatians struggled with them less than two decades after the birth of the Christian Church. 

This is why the Apostle Paul had to provide answers, solutions, and clear guidelines defining:

1. The identity of the believer in Jesus—regardless whether he comes from a Jewish or Gentile background.

2. The Christian’s relationship to the commandments of the Law and to human religious traditions. 

This book has grown out of a series of sermons given at Jerusalem Assembly—House of Redemption in Jerusalem, Israel. 


Part One: Introduction to Paul’s Epistle to the Galatians

1. Background to the Epistle of the Galatians

2. The Author of the Epistle

3. The Addressees: Who Are the Galatians?

4. The Date of the Epistle

5. Who Were the False Teachers? False Brethren?

Part Two: Studying the Epistle to the Galatians

1. A True Apostle of the True Gospel

2. Many Apostles: One Gospel: Jews and Gentiles: One Church 

3. The Tutor; the Promise; and the Faith of Abraham

4. The Adoption As Sons

5. Freedom in Christ

6. The Law of Christ and the New Creation


1. The Original Plan: Why Did God Choose the People of Israel, and For What Purpose

2. When a Jews Says “Torah” (Law) What Does He Mean?

3. The Oral Law of Rabbinical Judaism

4. Frequently Asked Questions



288 pages


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