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From Adam to Jesus – 13 Foot Creation to Crucifixion Timeline – A 13 Foot Panorama of Jerusalem in A.D. 33


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From Adam to Jesus

13 Foot Creation to Crucifixion Timeline

A 13 Foot Panorama of Jerusalem in A.D. 33

From Adam to Jesus is a visually compelling, two-sided historic timeline designed to help Bible study enthusiasts and scholars relive and learn from Israel’s ancient history. Side one allows you to step into the chronological history of the Jews from Creation to the Crucifixion and see the hand of God move within the narrative of His chosen people.

Unfold side two for a pictorial exploration revealing the city landscape and culture of Jerusalem during the life of Christ. This is an exquisite reproduction of Piglhein’s Panorama of ancient Jerusalem first revealed in Munich and later destroyed by fire.

A thorough study of ancient history is both essential and beautiful. From Adam to Jesus is a Bible study resource made of 26 sturdy pages extending 13 feet. Study one illustrated panel at a time or stretch it across a library wall or table for a comprehensive analysis of both biblical and ancient Biblical history.

Students of the Old Testament will find these essential resources within the timeline captivating:

  • A historical map of Jerusalem at the time of Jesus
  • The genealogy of Jesus Christ dating from Adam as revealed in Chronicles and Luke
  • A chronology of Noah’s flood, the conquest of Canaan and many more
  • Depictions of biblical accounts synchronized with other historical world events

From Adam to Jesus creatively brings the Old Testament to life and offers fuel for every Bible-believer’s faith. Within this indispensable history, you will witness God’s appointment of many ordinary people to accomplish His extraordinary purposes. A thorough exploration of the illustrated chronology reveals the remarkable sovereignty of God fulfilling prophecies and long awaited promises over decades and centuries. Both Bible scholars and students of ancient history will repeatedly refer to this extraordinarily detailed treasure.






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