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The End Times in Chronological Order


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 The End Times in Chronological Order

A Complete Overview to Studying Bible Prophecy

by Ron Rhodes

No one knows the day or the hour, but you can know the order of events. You’ve heard of the rapture, the great tribulation, the mark of the beast and other prophetic topics, but do you know how they fit together? This chronological tour through all of the Bible’s most important predictions of end time events reveals;

When important events will happen in relation to each other

Who the major players in the end times drama will be

How to interpret the signs of the times

How Old Testament and New Testament prophecies fit together

Why you can trust a literal interpretation of the Scriptures

God intends for you to understand His Word, including the end-time prophecies. The more you learn the more you will come to love and trust the Scriptures and the God who inspired them. This is a well organized book for people who want to understand the order of events in the Bible and the book of Revelation. Ron Rhodes takes the confusion out of end-time events. 



237 pages

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