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The End-Times by the Ancient Church Fathers


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The End Times by the Ancient Church Fathers

by Ken Johnson

The Ancient church fathers taught many things about end-time prophecy. They taught the Second Coming would be approximately two-thousand years after the First Coming (AD 32 and AD 2032). The actual writings of church fathers Irenaeus (AD 170), Hippolytus (AD 210) and Ephrem (AD 350) identify three of the ten nations that will become part of the Antichrist’s government and where the Antichrist will be born. They teach about the Psalm 83 war, and many other things.

Ephrem’s “The End Times“—Hippolytus’ The Antichrist—and On the End of the World are reproduced in their entirety in this book. 


  1. The Six Thousand Years
  2. The First Century AD
  3. Justin Martyr

Irenaeus’ End Time Teaching

  1. Premillennialism
  2. Pre-Trib Rapture
  3. The Time of the End Begins
  4. Roman Empire
  5. The Ten Nations
  6. Abomination of Desolation
  7. Antichrist from the Tribe of Dan
  8. The Number 666
  9. Summary of Irenaeus’ End-Time Teaching

Ephrem’s The End Times

  1. Introduction
  2. Rome Divided Then Dissolved
  3. Turn Toward Holiness
  4. Pre-Tribulation Rapture
  5. In the Desert People Become Senseless
  6. The Worthless Nations Arise
  7. Origin of the 10 Nations
  8. Antichrist From the Tribe of Dan
  9. Origin of the Antichrist 
  10. The First 3.5 Years
  11. The Second 3.5 Years
  12. Enoch and Elijah
  13. The Second Coming
  14. Summary of the End Times

Hippolytus” The Antichrist

  1. General Introduction
  2. Prophecy Introduction
  3. Symbols of the Christ and Antichrist
  4. Messiah From Judah
  5. Messiah Resurrects After Three Days
  6. Messiah a Descendant of David
  7. The Jews and Gentiles in One Faith
  8. Messiah’s Atoning Daeth
  9. Messiah Testified by the Prophets
  10. Messiah’s Commands Are Pure
  11. Antichrist From the Tribe of Dan
  12. No Jewish King Came From the Tribe of Dan
  13. Antichrist Called the Assyrian- Isaiah 10
  14. Antichrist- Isaiah 14
  15. Antichrist- Ezekiel 28
  16. Nebuchadnezzar’s Image
  17. Daniel’s Beast Vision
  18. The Judgment of the Beast
  19. Daniel’s Vision of Messiah
  20. Daniel’s Winged Lion- Babylon
  21. Daniel’s Bear- Medo-Persia
  22. Daniel’s Leopard- Greece
  23. Daniels Non-Descript Beast- Rome
  24. Ten Toes/Horns
  25. Three Kingdoms Against the Antichrist
  26. The Stone- Messianic Kingdom
  27. Future Ten Kingdoms
  28. Summary of the Image and Daniel’s Beasts
  29. We Should Reveal the Mysteries
  30. Jerusalem Literally Destroyed
  31. Many Spoke of Her
  32. The Accuracy of Daniel
  33. Rome Still Rules
  34. The Harlot- Isaiah
  35. The Harlot Revelation
  36. Summary of the Harlot
  37. The Two Advents of Messiah
  38. The Witness of the First Coming
  39. Second Coming Witnesses
  40. The Timing of the Two Witnesses
  41. The Earth Beast
  42. Earth Beast Explained
  43. The Number of the Beast
  44. Jordan Falls to the Antichrist
  45. Tyre and Beirut Fall to the Antichrist
  46. Pride of the Antichrist
  47. Antichrist Gathers His Army
  48. The Partridge Allegory
  49. Antichrist’s Army Persecutes the Saints
  50. Luke’s Parable Explained
  51. Micah’s Assyrian Antichrist
  52. Antichrist Uses the Jews
  53. Antichrist’s Ethiopia
  54. The Sun-clad Woman
  55. The Abomination of Desolation
  56. The Two Halves of the Tribulation
  57. Pre-Trib Rapture
  58. The Resurrection
  59. Rapture
  60. Summary of The Antichrist

Hippolytus’ On the End of the World

  1. General Introduction
  2. The Church Shall Apostatize
  3. Antichrist’s Scorching Eastern Wind
  4. The Church is Left Desolate
  5. End Time Church Described
  6. The Signs
  7. False Christ’s
  8. Heresies in the Church
  9. Nebuchaddnezzar’s Great Image
  10. Daniel’s Vision of Beasts
  11. Daniel’s Lioness
  12. Daniel’s Bear and Leopard
  13. Daniel’s Roman Beast
  14. The Tribe of Judah
  15. Symbols of Christ and the Antichrist
  16. Enoch, Elijah and John
  17. Antichrist’s Supposed Virgin Birth
  18. Antichrist’s Deception
  19. The Antichrist Wars
  20. The Demonic Hosts
  21. False Signs
  22. The Judgment
  23. The Mark
  24. The Antichrist and the Two Witnesses
  25. The Minions of the Beast
  26. The Believers
  27. The Famines
  28. Time Shortened
  29. Second Coming of the Messiah
  30. Rapture or White Throne Judgment
  31. Judgment of the Wicked
  32. Sheep and Goat Judgment
  33. Summary of On the End of the World
  34. Conclusion
  35. Index of Bible References
  36. Bibliography



158 pages

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