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The End of America: Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis by Jeff Kinley


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 The End of America: Bible Prophecy and a Country in Crisis

by Jeff Kinley

Will God’s Wrath Fall on America?

What happens when a country glories in its immortality, turning away from faith in God and obedience to Him?

Jeff Kinley, author of Wake the Bride and As it Was in the Days of Noah, explores historical and biblical precedents for the demise of a nation and addresses pressing questions such as …

  • How did we get to this point?
  • Is America in Bible prophecy?
  • Will Christians face widespread persecution here?
  • What effect will the rapture have on America?
  • How should I respond to the moral decline?

This forthright survey of current events and trends offers valuable perspective on the future of America along with powerful motivation to embrace the only source of lasting hope.


  1. Is America Really in Decline? Says who? What’s Gone Wrong With Our Country?
  2. How Firm a Foundation – Examining America’s Christian Roots
  3. Lessons From An Ancient People – What is God’s Relationship to Gentile Nations?
  4. The Road to Abandonment – Romans 1 and Abandonment Wrath Revealed
  5. America’s Holocaust – Abortion and our National Shame
  6. Gog, Magog, and ‘Merica – Is America Mentioned in Prophecy
  7. The Coming Persecution – A Sneak Preview Into What Lies Ahead For Believers
  8. When the Levee Breaks – The Rapture Brings Both Deliverance and Divine Judgment
  9. How Close Are We? – Signs, Seasons, and a Sense of Where We Are Prophetically
  10. A Time For Christians to Rise – Is There Any Hope? What Are Christians To Do Now?



254 pages

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