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Days to Remember: Devotions For the Holidays


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Days to Remember

Devotions For the Holidays Throughout the Year

by Henry M. Morris

For some people, Holidays are nothing more than a day off of work. For others they are days to remember; signposts that remind us of our Creator. In this interesting “daily devotional,” creation scientist and scholar, Henry Morris, offers rich insight into these special days of the year and why we celebrate them. As a nation founded on Judeo-Christian principles, even our Holidays bear echoes from the pages of the Bible.

Dr. Morris covers these days with both wisdom and wit, sharing stories, tidbits and interesting perspectives on these celebrations and how they fit into our lives and the kingdom of God. This is a really fascinating and uplifting read and you will glean lots of new information from his writings. Here are just a few of the many Holidays and Scripture-based devotionals that Dr. Morris covers in Days to Remember


New Years Day


Good Friday

Palm Sunday

Resurrection Day

Columbus Day

Veterans Day

Father’s Day

Mother’s Day

Independence Day


Pearl Harbor Day

Labor Day

Memorial Day



224 pages


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