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The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent


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The Cross in the Shadow of the Crescent

An Informed Response to Islam’s War With Christianity

by Erwin Lutzer with Steve Miller

 Islam’s Rise in the West, including America, poses a threat to our freedoms of speech and religion. But it also offers Christians a powerful opportunity to share the Gospel. Senior Pastor of the Moody Bible Church, and nationally known radio host Erwin Lutzer surveys Islam’s treatment of Christians both past and present and answers many of these questions. 

What is Islam’s agenda for the West?

How might Islam’s growing influence affect you personally?

What should the church be offering in the way of a response? 

This sensitive, responsible, and highly informative must-read will not only equip you to better relate to your Muslim friends, neighbors and coworkers, but will also encourage you with the reminder that ultimately, the enduring truth of the cross will prevail. 

The most provocative and salient monograph I have read on the subject of Christianity’s response to Islam.” Dr. Paige Patterson- President, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary

I consider this one of the best books on Islam produced in the past 50 years.” Dr. Samuel Ezra Naaman- Professor, Department of World Missions, Moody Bible Institute 

I have worked in nations around the world steeped in the Islamic faith.  Not all Muslims are resistant to the Gospel of Jesus Christ and in times of war and natural disasters, many have told me that Christians are the only ones who come to their aid. Erwin Lutzer has written about the infiltration of Islamic influences in today’s culture and he brings a unique perspective to this brewing storm that can tenderize the hearts of believers to pray for and reach out to those lost in this darkening shadow. This book presents the challenges and opportunities we have to shine the light of God’s truth into souls who need the Savior. Franklin Graham-Billy Graham Evangelistic Association 



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