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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
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***Support Our Ministry in March*** – Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity – by Chuck Missler – Shipping Included in the USA


Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity - SHIPPING INCLUDED IN THE U.S. ONLY

The most comprehensive reference edition on Bible codes published to date!

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Cosmic Codes: Hidden Messages From the Edge of Eternity

Meet the Master Mathematician! 

by Chuck Missler 

Few studies can compare to Chuck Missler’s incredible mathematical presentation entitled Cosmic Codes, a spectacular adventure into the mind of God. Missler takes us on a Bible-building journey, using biblical mathematics to reveal the hidden designs in Scripture. No doubt that Chuck proves Divine inspiration, over and over again, in many different and amazing ways. 

Missler takes us to world’s unknown, exploring the Bible Codes, the Torah Codes, the Yeshua Codes, the Apocalypse Codes, the amazing Hebrew Alphabet, the Sevens of the Bible, acrostics, cryptographs, macrocodes, Hebrew gematria, the dark side of the Kabbalah, and dozens more shocking and mind-blowing discoveries. This is one of the most amazing books ever written!

Table of Contents

1. Secret Codes

2. Codes From Other Worlds

3. Basic Discoveries

4. The First Cryptanalyst

5. A Hidden Message

6. Hidden Acrostics

7. The Magic of Sevens

8. The Hebrew Alphabet

9. Assassination Predicted?

10. The Skipping of Letters

11. The Torah Codes

12. The Yeshua Codes

13. The Dark Side

14. The Use of Macrocodes

15. Cosmic Macrocodes

16. Measuring Confidence

17. The 70 Sevens

18. The Once and Future Calendar

19. The Apocalypse Codes

20. On the Fringe: Numerics and Gematria

21. Advanced Design Considerations

22. The Code of Life

23. Our Digital Universe

24. Your Personal Adventure

25. The Ultimate Code: You


1. Rhetorical Devices

2. List of Major Types

3. Old Testament Allusions in Revelation

4. List of Sevens in the Bible

5. An Eschatological Summary

6. The Last 12 Verses of Mark

7. The Mathematics of Beauty

8. Hidden Genealogy in Genesis 38

9. The Universal Consonants


539 pages