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Collision Course: The Fight to Reclaim Our Moral Compass Before It’s Too Late – by LTC Robert L. Maginnis


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The Fight to Reclaim Our Moral Compass Before It’s Too Late

by LTC Robert L. Maginnis

America is suffering an epidemic of division which threatens to radically alter this country. The source of that division is more than meets the eye and so is the solution.

Last week a former secretary of defense accused President Trump of being divisive and a host of other political and media people piled on the never-Trump bandwagon. That ground-swell of accusers are using the present instability created by the COVID-19 pandemic and the murder of an African-American man by a rogue policeman to fuel a real insurgency designed to further divide Americans along race, class and ideological lines. Perhaps most disconcerting about our current situation is that many Americans don’t understand this avalanche of division is perpetrated by forces behind the veil. We see demonstrations, looting and general mayhem in our cities but too few of us see the true metaphysical war destroying this country.

The visible characteristics of the war are well known. Former U.S. defense secretary and retired Marine Corps General James Mattis slammed Mr. Trump in a letter to the Atlantic, calling out the clearing of protesters outside the White House last week and accused the president of trying to fracture the nation. Mr. Mattis said “Donald Trump is the first president in my lifetime who does not try to unite the American people – does not even pretend to try. Instead he tries to divide us.”

Even our mainstream media and most of the political left share that view. Of course, these critics conveniently forget that for generations it was America’s political left, not the right, and especially the Democrat Party which nourished societal division. It was the Democrats who supported the Klu Klux Klan, their icon President Franklin D. Roosevelt incarcerated tens of thousands of Japanese-Americans in World War II, and most recently leftists dragged this country through three years of coup-like efforts to overturn a legitimately elected president.

The leftists’ latest divisive coup effort comes on the heels of the COVID-19 pandemic that shuttered much of the country, robbed tens of millions of their livelihood and left our population frustrated and scared. Then while we were in this vulnerable state these mostly Democratic Party radicals and their violent proxies took advantage of the situation to launch a nation-wide insurgency.

They deployed domestic insurgents under the guise of legitimate protests by capitalizing on the disgraceful atrocity against an African-American mentioned above. This episode in the left’s playbook is intended to topple President Trump and replace him with God knows what kind of tyrannical regime.

The baggage associated with this ongoing coup attempt is on full display. These radicals advance the likes of the group Black Lives Matter pretending it is a legitimate voice for peace while ignoring the group’s divisive, racist and violent past – Baltimore, Dallas, Ferguson. Those same leftists push racial division across this country using a group humiliation ideology that shouts white people are inherently racists. Meanwhile, many elected officials sworn to protect the public are cowering in a stupor of inaction in the face of a burning America.

Who are these cowards?

Our present cabal of official miscreants includes the deep staters, leading progressives (mostly blue state governors and big city Democrat mayors), and a coven of progressive members in both houses of our Congress. They hate America. Also, they are allied with big money progressives like billionaire George Soros and in league with a host of Hollywood reprobates who encourage anarchy by proxies like ANTIFA (a violent leftist group) and Black Lives Matter.

There is more to the current unrest than a host of leftist conspirators and violent proxies, however. Yes, America’s division is very real, almost palpable. But there is also something perverse about the current insurgency straining at our very foundation which reminds me of the wisdom espoused by two of our founders and may explain why we are losing the America we love.

Centuries ago, America became a special place because our founding fathers recognized the nature of mankind as well as the type of people that must govern her. Unfortunately, today we are forgetting the essence of that foundation and that’s what the left is attacking.

Founder James Madison said “If men were angels no government would be necessary.” Obviously, the recent violence across this country demonstrates there is an element in our society of truly fallen angels (ANTIFA, BLM) – an evil cohort with a head of steam which must be contained.

Another founder, John Adams, spoke of the type of government created for America to keep her safe from our fallen angels. He wrote “Our Constitution [our form of government] was made only for a moral and religious people. It is wholly inadequate to the government of any other.” That’s the rub.

For much of our history a mostly “moral and religious people” ran this country and kept the fallen angels in check. However, something happened in recent years to cause America to lose its ability to keep America a great place to live.

The evidence of that failure is undisputed today: looting, destroying of buildings, mass hysteria in some quarters and a lot of suicidal calls by leftist officials to do away with our first line of defense, the local police. Further, the left’s incessant attacks especially on Christianity and the very moral underpinnings of this country is having a predictably nullifying effect.

What’s clear today is that America is at a cross roads. Our moral compass is fractured, the divisions run deep and it’s not certain where we go next. Most of us are aware of the divisions because they manifest themselves in the open through violence and threatening rhetoric. However, the real epicenter of what’s happening is out of sight.

Only Americans who are spiritually aware can discern the conspiracy of evil attacking us on every front, a fight led by Satan and his demonic army and aided by his many human proxies.

At this point readers who are atheists or agnostic have already discarded this musing as a wild conspiracy. However, for discerning and spiritually sensitive Christians who really want to understand the division in this country, then continue reading.

America became a special place primarily because it was heavenly influenced at its founding by Christian principles and values. However, from our origin Satan targeted America at every turn to remake her in his image, a failed godless state.

For many years Satan’s goal was unachievable. However, in recent years as America’s Christian community began to abandon its calling and first love, our vulnerability became real. America’s seed of hope – it’s moral foundation in Christianity – is rapidly fraying and now seriously compromised. The bad angels in our society are taking over!

Although most of us are consumed with the visible bad actors rioting on our streets, we Christians must focus on the unseen fight. We must see that the skies above America are flashing red with indications of a raging war and one warned of in the prophetic scriptures.

The Apostle Paul identifies the nature of this invisible war in his letter to the Ephesians: “For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places” (Ephesians 6:12, KJV).

Christians are warriors in this fight whether they accept that role or not. The battles we join are not really just against flesh and blood, as the apostle describes above, but against wickedness – the fallen angels in our society manipulated from behind the veil by Satan.

Satan means “the adversary” in Hebrew, and his nom de guerre is Devil, a Greek word meaning “false accuser.” He is a fallen angel thanks to his rebellion against God, and he accuses the Christian of sins that are already forgiven and encourages unsaved people to reject the salvation Christ offers to all of humanity.

Satan’s objective is to destroy life and make our earthly existence eternally miserable. His greatest strength is that many people don’t believe he even exists. Some even naively portray him as a caricature with horns and a spiked tail but Jesus took him seriously, and so he should, because Satan employs his army of demons to cause havoc – division – across the world.

The Bible identifies Satan’s methods of operation and his arsenal. Paul writes, “Stand firm against the schemes of the devil” (Ephesians 6:11, ESV). The Greek word for schemes is “methodia” which is the root of the English word methods. Paul also warns us not to ignore Satan’s methods in 2 Corinthians 2:11.

We need to understand Satan’s methods, so to be prepared to engage in the invisible war. Twentieth century Baptist theologian Merrill Unger, the author of some 40 books, wrote: “Missions involving espionage are frequently as crucial to winning a war as actual battles. Without intelligence of the enemy’s strength and position, the results of any military encounter would be highly dubious. Yet believers sometimes display an obvious disinterest in what the Bible reveals about Satan and demons. Or, what is even worse, they manifest a morbid fear of such a study. This apathy or dread is almost as perilous as the opposite extreme of fanatical occupation with evil.”

American Christians need to study Satan’s methods in the current war. Specifically, Satan has an arsenal of psychological warfare tools to influence our opinions, emotions, attitudes, and behavior. He employs these tools to control our minds, such as that identified in 2 Corinthians 4:4 (NIV), which states, “The god of this age [Satan] has blinded the minds of unbelievers, so that they cannot see the light of the gospel that displays the glory of Christ, who is the image of God.”

The word for “mind” here is noēmata, which means “thought” or “purpose.” In other words, what humans think is what Satan wants to control so as to blind them to the truth.

Satan knows from thousands of years of experience that if he controls people’s minds then he can control all human activity. Division is an outcome of man’s thinking (thoughts) that serves Satan’s purpose and is an issue which Jesus warned about.

Jesus at the Last Supper prayed that we would be one, not divided (John 17:22). Thus, one of his chief aims at the Cross was to help us overcome our divisions – no matter our differences. He prayed for unity.

No wonder Jesus’ antichrist, Satan is the author of division. The apostle Paul describes the Devil’s work of division which begins in each man’s heart (his thoughts). “The good that I want to do, I do not do…, and when I try to do good, evil is at hand.” Paul then explains in Romans 8, the chief work of God is to establish within us the unity of soul and body, the very thing Satan attacks.

Satan is also a master deceiver who attacks our inner unity, which spills out into many divisions among society (race, ethnicity, ideology and more). He taps into our drives: anger, hurts, resentments, fears, misunderstandings, greed, pride and arrogance. These “thoughts” produce division which is Satan’s aim.

Ask yourself about the current state of affairs in this country. Why are we so divided? Is it because we can’t overcome our differences? Is it because we have leaders who are divisive? No, it is not just human sin that causes divisions but manipulation by the father of lies.

Your answer to these questions will determine the method you use to help resolve the current unrest starting with yourself. As for me, I choose to embrace the views in both the Bible and our Constitution. I seek unity among all men no matter their race, color or creed. And I seek, as our founders said, a moral and religious people to keep the wayward “angels” of our society in check.

The above solution only happens if America discards the divisions and wakes up to her calling in God’s word, the Bible and recognizes that all men are indeed created equal and this country will survive only if a moral and religious people govern.



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