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The Chronology of the Old Testament


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The Chronology of the Old Testament

by Floyd Nolen Jones

This indispensable companion to Ussher’s Annals of the World, The Chronology of the Old Testament, has one clear goal—”to demonstrate that every chronological statement found in the Sacred Writ is consistent with all other chronological statements found therein.” This biblically sound, easy-to-understand book will enlighten and astound its readers with solutions and alternatives to many questions that have puzzled Bible scholars down through the centuries.  

With reliable explanatory text, detailed charts, and diagrams, this book provides a systematic framework of the Bible, from Genesis through the life of Christ. No Bible scholar should be without this indispensable reference tool, now published with significant revisions and new material. A few fascinating highlights include:

Supports and updates James Ussher’s Annals of the World

The Jewish Calendar Conspiracy & the Missing Years

The Faithfulness of the Hebrew Text

The Pharaoh of the Exodus

Critical Dates in the Bible 

The Year and Timeline of the Crucifixion

Corrects Sir Robert Anderson’s calculation error 

Hebrew Months and Lunar Eclipses

Dates For Major Bible Events

The Decree of Cyrus

David’s Age at the Slaying of Goliath

Jubilee and Sabbatic Years

Explains the 483-year prophecy of Daniel 9:25

Synchronizes the kingdoms of Judah and Israel

Fully indexed complete bibliography

Scriptural solutions to biblical mathematical conundrums

Includes wall sized chronological charts on CD



338 pages

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