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The Chariot of Israel: Exploits of the Prophet Elijah (Friends of Israel Ministries)


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The Chariot of Israel: Exploits of the Prophet Elijah

by Will Varner

Friends of Israel Ministries

The prophet Elijah is one of the most outstanding personalities in history. He was an unusual combination of frailty and faith. When he was caught up to heaven, his disciple Elisha cried out, “the chariot of Israel and its horseman!” Elijah was referring not to the chariot, but to the prophet! It was Elijah’s intimate relationship with God that gave the prophet his title.

His amazing confrontation with the prophets of Baal endures as one of Scripture’s most vivid accounts of how God demonstrated His awesome power before unbelieving men. 

This study of Elijah’s life will captivate you as it walks you through a pivotal period in Israel’s history. The illustrative maps contained in this book will give you a better picture of the physical geography of this ancient land. 


1. Elijah: A Person Like You

2. Lessons From a Brook and a Widow

3. Obadiah: Servant of the Lord? 

4. The Contest on Carmel

5. Elijah and the Rain

6. From a Mountain to a Valley

7. Judgment in Jezreel

8. Elijah and Ahaziah

9. Elijah’s Coronation Day

10. Elijah’s Future 



143 pages

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