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The Books of Philippians and Colossians: Joy and Completeness in Christ (21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series)


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The Books of Philippians & Colossians: Joy and Completeness in Christ

21st Century Biblical Commentary Series

by Robert Gromacki, Mal Couch & Ed Hindson



What is Christianity really all about? Paul’s letter to the Philippians and Colossians answers these ponderings through their unique emphasis on practical Christian living. These books present the basic beliefs of the Christian faith and how Christians are to make those truths the foundation of everything they think and everything they do.

In Philippians, Dr. Gromacki uses Paul’s teaching to show Christians how they should conduct themselves in times of suffering, in witnessing for Christ, in preserving unity, in overcoming anxiety, in imitating Christ, and in cultivating joy and peace in their lives.

In Colossians, Dr. Gromacki explains how Paul sets forth the sovereignty of Jesus Christ over all creation and the church, and in particular, over every individual person. The reader is brought face to face with the majesty and glory of Christ, and challenged to throw aside other worldviews and philosophies in order to live in holiness before the Lord.

In both these epistles, Paul seeks to turn the attention of believers away from their old, sinful lifestyle to newness in Christ. Believers are challenged to grab hold of the righteousness that is accredited by faith, that might know Christ, “and the power of His resurrection and the fellowship of His sufferings, being conformed to His death.”

This commentary on Philippians  and Colossians is one of 16 volumes published in The Twenty First Century Biblical Commentary Series. It’s discounted and listed in the Prophetic Commentaries section of our bookstore. 



241 pages


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