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The Books of James and I & II Peter: Faith, Suffering & Knowledge (21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series)


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The Books of James and I & II Peter: Faith, Suffering & Knowledge

21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series

by William Baker, Mal Couch & Ed Hindson



The books of James and 1 & 2 Peter put feet to the Christian walk, urging the child of God to focus on living out what he or she believes. These three books challenge believers to evaluate their lives in the light of the Sermon on the Mount, to be the same person in the eyes of others as they are in their own heart, and to follow after Christ, regardless of circumstances.

In James, Dr. William Baker deals in a straighforward manner with temptation, anger, immorality, the tongue. prejudice, partiality, hypocritical teachers, jealously, lust, humility, trusting God, conviction of sin, self-justification, confession of sin, and more. One cannot read James without experiencing a strong tug of conviction.

In 1 Peter, Dr. Baker explains how Peter presents the true, pure gospel of Jesus Christ as the ultimate encouragement in suffering. True faith and godly living are the greatest resources a believer can use to endure suffering with patience.

In 2 Peter, Dr. Baker reviews Peter’s warnings to safeguard the truth, encouraging the reader to understand the knowledge of God and of Christ, and to realize that this knowledge provides believers with everything they need to know to live a righteous and holy life. 

The letters of Peter and James reflect the heart of apostolic Christianity. They defend the truth, warn the faithful, and encourage the flock of God. In an era when the relevance of the Christian faith is often questioned, these powerful letters continue to speak loudly to those in the 21st century. These two giants of the apostolic church, Peter and James, have something to say to this generation that we dare not miss. 

This singular volume is one volume of a 16-volume set called the 21st Century Biblical Commentary Series. All 16 volumes are available in our bookstore, or available all together as a discounted set. 



243 pages


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