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The Book of Acts: Witnesses to the World (21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series)


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The Book of Acts: Witnesses to the World

21st Century Prophetic Commentary Series

by Steven Ger, Mal Couch & Ed Hindson

WE EASILY IDENTIFY WITH THE PEOPLE IN ACTS because Luke never allows us to forget their humanity. It is impossible to confuse Peter or Paul with fictional characters. No ancient novelist would ever have created men whose lives were characterized by such dramatic contradictions: the brash and blustering everyman who blossoms overnight into an elder statesman; a movement’s most infamous persecutor who develops into its most prominent advocate. Luke has drawn two millennia’s worth of readers into the overlapping apostolic “adventures” of these two first-century Jewish men who, while so dissimilar, shared a common vision and served the same Messiah.

In a series of vignettes, or “postcards,” some historical, some biographical, still others theological, Acts reveals the successes and defeats, the conquests and tragedies of the original band of Jesus’ followers. In Acts we are able to share in the joy, the loss, the rejection, the confident assurance, the jealousy, the setbacks, the frustration, the passionate debate and the ultimate triumph of these pioneers of Christianity. These are ordinary people who, through the power and enablement of the Holy Spirit, accomplished extraordinary things in the name of their Messiah. In less than one generation this initial cohort of Christians boldly “turned the world upside-down” (Acts 17:6)!

Steven Ger is a “Hebrew of Hebrews,” a fourth-generation Jewish believer, whose Jewish-Christian perspective will bring new life to your understanding of the book of Acts. You will find study questions at the end of each chapter and unique Jewish-Christian insights into the Book of Acts. 

This singular volume on the Book of Acts is one volume of a 16-volume set called the 21st Century Biblical Commentary Series. All 16 volumes are available in our bookstore, or available all together as a discounted set. 



339 pages


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