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Ancient Apocalypse of Ezra – from Ken Johnson! (A 2,000 year-old prophecy about Russia’s current involvement in Syria!)


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Ancient Apocalypse of Ezra – from Ken Johnson!

Called 2 Esdras in the KJV 1611

A 2,000 year-old prophecy about Russia’s involvement in Syria!

Ken Johnson has done it again, bringing us a book from the dustbins of history with prophetic information that appears to be relevant for today. The Ezra Apocalypse is the only non-Catholic book included in the KJV 1611 Apocrypha. It contains many prophecies about the end-times. Quoted often by the church fathers of the 1st and 2nd century AD, this apocalyptic book reveals the rise of Islam. In chapters 11-12, there is a prophecy of a three-headed eagle, symbolizing how the Roman Empire would split into three empires. The empires would die out and leave three kingdoms ruling in the last days. Chapters 15-16 contain a prophecy of the Dragon Nations of Arabia. This Islamic power devastates Syria to the point that Russia must step in to control the issue. This Syrian war sets the stage for the beginning of the Last Days.

This book also contains numerous prophecies about the signs of the birth pangs and details about the rapture of the church, revealing that the end is very near.


  1. Judgment of Israel
  2. Israel Rejects the Lord
  3. The Lord Turns to Other Nations
  4. Judah and the Messianic Kingdom
  5. Israel’s Judgment- The Great Diaspora
  6. The Kingdom of Judah Restored (AD 1948)
  7. Resurrection of True Believers
  8. Morality in Life
  9. Life in the Resurrection
  10. The Number Sealed (The Rapture)
  11. The Messiah
  12. The Sin Nature and Israel
  13. Adam to the Flood
  14. Abraham to Mt. Sinai
  15. The Sin Nature
  16. David To Babylon
  17. The Question of Israel and Babylon
  18. The Times of the Kingdom
  19. Three Challenges
  20. Three Questions
  21. Three Similitudes- The Forest and the Sea
  22. When Will Things Be Corrected?
  23. The Riddle of Time
  24. Time Left Until the Messianic Kingdom
  25. Last Days Signs
  26. Ezra’s Prayer
  27. Everything in It’s Order
  28. Zion’s Age
  29. God Alone is in Control
  30. Abraham is the Key to Dividing the Ages
  31. The Petition to Understand More Prophecy
  32. The Aging Prophecy
  33. The Rapture and Return of Those Raptured
  34. Concentrate on Prophecy, Not on the Past
  35. Why Is Israel Forsaken?
  36. The Messianic Kingdom
  37. The Seven Year Judgment After the Church Age
  38. New Heavens and earth
  39. Great White Throne Judgment
  40. The Seven Years
  41. Very Few Saved
  42. Man’s Sin Nature
  43. May Created, Few Live
  44. The Prayer For Forgiveness
  45. The Divine Reply
  46. Mankind is Like Seed Sown
  47. The Reward of the Humble
  48. Signs of the End
  49. Very Few Saved
  50. Conclusion of the Vision
  51. Ezra’s Prayer
  52. The Vision of the Grieving Woman
  53. Zion’s Grief
  54. Zion’s Glory: The Vision of the Heavenly Jerusalem
  55. The Plea For Understanding
  56. The Vision Interpreted
  57. Three Headed Eagle Vision
  58. Three Headed Eagle Interpretation
  59. The Interpretation
  60. Commentary
  61. The Messiah From the Sea
  62. Ezra’s Prayer For Interpretation
  63. The Interpretation of the Vision
  64. The Sacred Books
  65. Ezra Prays for Inspiration
  66. Ezra Prays For Writing
  67. The Public Scriptures and the Separate Books
  68. The Last Days
  69. Destruction of Egypt
  70. The Islamic Dragon Nations
  71. Turkey and Babylon
  72. The Last Days Continued
  73. Babylon, Turkey, Egypt and Syria
  74. Beginning of Sorrows
  75. Days of Trouble
  76. The Prophecy Outline



134 pages

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