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America in the New World Order: A History of Tomorrow—Today


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America in the New World Order: A History of Tomorrow—Today

by Pastor Tom Hughes


What’s going to happen to America and what does that mean to my family? What’s real and what isn’t? 

Using end-times Bible prophecy, Pastor Thomas J. Hughes separates fact from fantasy in this easy-to-read paperback, America in the New World Order. Pastor Tom explains clearly what you need to know NOW for your family’s well being. 

From a distance, this book may appear to have been written to Christians. On the contrary, while it contains material that will be invaluable to professing Christians, it is written for stay-at-home moms, working parents, city employees, stockbrokers, public officials, first responders, young adults, retirees—you get the idea. America in the New World Order was written to anyone who watches the nightly news, reads a newspaper, or engages in conversation with family and friends. 

“Tom is gifted in helping others connect the dots in end-times events and he believes God’s prophetic Word is one of our greatest tools to bring people to a faith in Christ.”

—Don Stewart – Christian apologist


  1. New World Order
  2. Beasts and Kings
  3. Subordination of Nations
  4. A Different Gospel
  5. Illuminati
  6. Shadow Government
  7. Gog Drawn South
  8. A Stopped Clock
  9. America and Israel



102 pages

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