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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
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Xenogenesis: Changing Men Into Monsters: Groundbreaking Book by Steve Quayle – Save $10.00!


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Changing Men Into Monsters

by Stephen Quayle

A future of unimaginable horrors awaits humanity. This book reveals this orchestrated terror, currently being developed at light-speed in laboratories across the world. Xenogenesis is the production of an offspring different than either parent, transformed through the addition of DNA from an alien or an animal into the normal God-created genetics of a human being. Soon, comic book heroes will come to life—mythical creatures with superhuman and mythical abilities, the likes we haven’t seen for thousands of years when the ancient gods and goddesses roamed the Earth.

This horrifying future targets God’s original creation for Satanic corruption. Evil forces hope to use fallen angel technology to shift the balance of power from God and man to Satan and his monsters. These genetic hybrids will soon present themselves as the Saviors of mankind, offering hollow promises of eternal life without God or morality. But there is hope for the future. Steve Quayle shows us how to prepare for an event that will no doubt be the trigger event that changes life as we know it on planet Earth. The Days of Noah are here! 


  1. Hard Truths
  2. The Big Lie
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Singularity
  5. All Creation Groans
  6. Connecting the Dots
  7. Satan Sets the Stage
  8. To End Humanity
  9. Conspiracy to Destroy
  10. A Model Society
  11. Monstrous Acts
  12. End of Motherhood
  13. Under the Rainbow
  14. Light Fantastic
  15. Lucifer’s Lyrics
  16. The Devil’s Tattoos
  17. Genetic Modifications
  18. Borgs and Singularities
  19. Resistance is Not Futile



372 pages


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