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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Watchers Weekend Conference Registration – Norman, OK – October 10-13, 2019 – ONLY 600 TICKETS AVAILABLE – 17 Speakers – 22 Messages!


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Watchers Weekend Conference Registration

The Embassy Suites Hotel and Conference Center in Norman, OK

October 10-13, 2019

Only 600 Tickets Available! 

Call 888 722-0008

Or register online at 

17 Speakers Listed Below – 22 Messages 

We never planned to have a prophecy conference this year. With the acquisition of our new television studios and the time necessary to make them fully functional for our recording needs, we’d pretty much decided to focus all of our efforts on the reconstruction project. Then … the emails and the phone calls started coming! “When’s the next conference? Where is it? Who’s speaking? When can I sign up?” Let’s just say that our friends wore us down and made us realize how much they enjoy getting together and being blessed by great men of God and their encouraging messages. So . . .  “as we saw the day approaching,” we decided to try and find another solution to handling two big projects at the same time!  

Enter a new concept . . . WATCHERS WEEKEND! A smaller more intimate two day event. 

On Friday and Saturday, October 11th and 12th, we’ll be hosting a two-day conference at the Embassy Suites in a familiar place . . . Norman, Oklahoma. This year our event will be scaled back a bit with room for just 600 people. We’ll be meeting in just two rooms this year, so you won’t have to run from room to room and miss so many of the conference messages.  

Here’s the list of 17 of our favorite speakers who will deliver 22 powerful messages. These are all wonderful friends and most of all, every speaker will bring an encouraging, positive message! 

  1. Gary Stearman – Time Travelers of the Bible 
  2. L.A. Marzulli – Secrets of the Supernatural: Voices From the Other Side
  3. Bill Salus – The Last Prophecies: Prophecies From the First Three and a Half Years of the Tribulation
  4. Billy Crone – The Jewish Temple, President Trump and the Antichrist 
  5. Tom Hughes – Israel’s Past Guarantees Israel’s Future
  6. Bill Koenig – Hurricane Trump: A White House Perspective
  7. Larry Ollison – The Luciferian Flood and the World Before Adam and Eve
  8. Ryan Pitterson – The Nephilim and the End Times
  9. Ken Johnson – The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Hebrew Roots Movement 
  10. Jeff Kinley – Satanic Superman and the Sovereignty of God 
  11. Todd Hampson – Facing Revelation Head On 
  12. Mark Hitchcock – Heavenly Rewards: Living With Eternity in Sight 
  13. Brent Miller – Forcing the Mark
  14. Brent Miller Jr. – The Premiere of the New Ingenuity Films Movie, Before the Wrath 
  15. Claudia Koenig – Talking About Jesus: Evangelism in the Last Days 
  16. David Schnittger – The New World Order and the Bible 
  17. Caspar McLoud – Seeing Beyond Tomorrow 
  18. Billy Crone – The Jewish People, President Trump and the Last Days Conflict
  19. Todd Hampson – Last Days Survival Guide For Believers 
  20. Bill Salus  The NOW Prophecies
  21. Ken Johnson – The Dead Sea Scrolls and the Rapture 
  22. Mark Hitchcock – Don’t Be Surprised – (I Peter 4:12-19) 

Here’s another big surprise . . . on Sunday morning at 10:30, we’ll be traveling to our new headquarters in Oklahoma City for a tour of the new building and a short dedication ceremony. I’m not sure how many people we can fit inside the building, but one way or another we’ll publicly dedicate this building and this ministry to the Lord. He truly has given us the opportunity of a lifetime. You will need to provide your own transportation, but we will try to find a way to shuttle as many friends over there as possible. 

Once again, we will offer a shuttle service from the Will Rogers Airport in Oklahoma City to the Embassy Suites Hotel. Call us for more shuttle registration details. 

Thursday – October 10th, Early Registration from 7:00 PM-10:00 PM

Friday October 11th – Registration continues from 8:00 AM to 10:00 AM.

The Prophecy Conference speakers will begin their presentations at 10:00 AM on Friday morning. 

Saturday October 12th – The conference presentations begin at 9:00 AM. 

Sunday October 13th – We have a special building dedication scheduled for 10:30 AM at our new building in Oklahoma City, approximately 30 minutes from the Embassy Suites in Norman. Transportation to the new studios will not be provided. 

The address of our new headquarters is . . . 

Prophecy Watchers

1600 E. Hefner Rd.

Oklahoma City, OK 73131


Hotels Available at discounted conference rates 

The Embassy Suites in Norman, Oklahoma – 1-866-577-1273 – $129.00

Online Registration link

The Holiday Inn Express in Norman, Oklahoma (A 50 yard walk from the Embassy Suites) – $116.00

Online registration link,%20Norman,%20OK,%20US&qCiMy=92019&qCiD=11&qCoMy=92019&qCoD=14&qAdlt=1&qChld=0&qRms=1&qRtP=6CBARC&qIta=99801505&qGrpCd=PRW&qSlH=OKCNN&qAkamaiCC=US&qSrt=sBR&

Other local hotels less than 5 minutes from the main Embassy Suites hotel.

The Courtyard Marriott – 405 701-8900

The Best Western – 405 801-2100

The Hilton Garden Inn – 405 579-0100

Conference registration cost – $100.00 (Hotel room not included)