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Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy- UFOs and the Nephilim


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Watchers 8: Cloak of Secrecy 

by L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw 

L.A. Marzulli and Richard Shaw are back once again with yet another outrageous archaeological adventure. Their recent trips to Peru, other places in South America, and around the world have continued to yield extraordinary evidence that reinforces the existence of the biblical Nephilim, gigantic Nephilim architecture and ancient and increased UFO activity. Did the giants of the Bible leave behind clear evidence of their nefarious activities? Were huge stones levitated by the ancients and placed into carefully constructed power centers? Were they building a communications network that one day would envelope the whole world? Were the Nazca lines some sort of alien airport? 

Watchers 8 features many different segments that cover a wide path of the strange and the supernatural. Here’s just a few highlights sure to capture your interest and curiosity, right from Rick Shaw’s personal notes. 

The implant removal: Dr. Roger Lier presided over his last implant removal surgery and the team captured it all on film. Dr. Lier died unexpectedly shortly after this episode of Watchers 8 was shot. They discovered that the patient’s implant appeared to be externally controlled and capable of appearing and disappearing, cloaking itself. On the day of surgery, the implant mysteriously disappeared! No device helped in finding it. The Gauss meter and stud finder all captured nothing, or produced an erroneous reading. Then L.A. Marzulli began to pray out loud, asking the Lord to reveal what they knew was there. Suddenly, two minutes later, it appeared for all to see and it was removed from the patient! It appeared to have a mind of its own. You’ll see the whole encounter on film, including the reaction to the “miracle!” In the lab, the implant exhibited all of the same ingredients of past examples, including fibers of high carbon, perhaps nerves that were attached. “Bill” said that he lost 20 pounds after the thing was removed, and no longer experiences any pain. What is the purpose of the implants?

Robert Salas was the commander of a ballistic missile base in 1967 when a red UFO landed near the front gate and disabled all 10 of the base’s missiles. Later, other bases had the same thing happen, with various witnesses including Capt. Bradford Runion, who saw the craft from his B-52 bomber. It was also plotted on radar. Later, he read a report indicating that a 20-ton missile silo lid had been removed and placed on the ground during the UFO intrusion. We don’t know how many bases had this same thing happen, but it was more than one.  Does this tie in with the near-impossible act of moving enormous megalithic stones in Peru?  In Peru, we unwrapped a baby mummy skull. It proved to be between 18-22 months old according to dental details. It’s head was quite elongated. Seems doubtful to us that this baby was anything but a naturally-born, elongated head humanoid. Or was this the result of genetic manipulation by the Fallen One? Watch the entire unwrapping of the mummy on film, a first, even for many members of the forensic team. Is DNA testing in the future? Mass Grave of Elongated Skulls! Further inspection of the skulls at the gravesites proved that many of them seemed to have suffered a blow to the head. (Perhaps all the elongated head people were murdered?

The Nazca lines — We looked at the composition of the land and flew over it in an airplane with three GO Pro cameras attached. There are thousands of glyphs if you also include the ones in Palpa. But even though various shapes could be found that mimicked animals, there were very long and perfectly straight lines and paths that went far over the horizon for miles and miles. Who made these lines? No one knows what they were for, and the ground would not support some sort of conventional “tarmac” of sorts, even though some of them look like airstrips. Do the Nazca lines represent some ancient UFO landing strip? 

Chase Sees a GRAY!  UFO Encounter!  Chase, our resident forenic examiner and Ufologist had an experience in 2010, highly documented, where she was with six others in a cornfield when they saw lights in the sky. Later, these lights proved to be part of a triangle craft that began to glide toward them quite silently. As they watched, they became increasingly uneasy and frightened. A small gray alien appeared in the field, and they all ran. This was not the experience of just one person, but six others!

Robert Salas abduction! Robert Salus gave us his first TV interview about his abduction in 1985 at his home in Manhattan Beach. He saw a blue mist in his room, illuminated by some sort of light in the adjacent room. He discovered his wife Marilyn was unconscious, and he was unable to move. He was lifted off his bed and floated out the window. Salas was then aboard a ship and shown a large needle, and they inserted it into his private area to remove semen. He doesn’t remember exactly how he left the ship but he remembers going through a long tunnel with a light at the end, and ended up in his bed. They didn’t discuss what happened to them until long afterwards, as they started to remember.

Paul McGuire talked about his difficulty in combining technology with angels, but now he believes that is the case. We’re looking at a spiritual / technical manifestation of the phenomena. And, this is only one aspect of it. The good angels also seem to have similar equipment and far different reasoning. (Ezekiel 10, Matt 24).

Gary Stearman also has an eloquent part in Watchers 8, sharing his wisdom and expertise on the whole UFO phenomenon.

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