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Watchers 4: On the Edge


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Watchers 4: On the Edge 

by L.A. Marzulli & Richard Shaw

L.A. Marzulli, host of the wildly popular Watchers DVD series, loves to explore the world of the supernatural. His DVDs cover the strange events taking place outside of the realm and scope of the secular media—real footage of UFOs—the explosive Temple Mount UFO apparition—the strange sounds emanating from the heaven and the Earth—the coverup behind the Shroud of Turin—and alien implants and interviews with the doctor who specializes in their removal. Trust me. Marzulli has gone where few men have gone before and seen things the average person may never see in their lifetime.

Watchers 4: On the Edge, pushes the envelope even further in pursuit of the truth. We all know about the hybrid race that the Bible describes in Genesis 6. Fallen angels left their “first estate” and created a new hybrid breed; half-angel/half-human—the Hebrew language calls them the Nephilim. But where is the archaeological proof of these biblical Giants? Marzulli tackles this highly controversial subject head-on, hitting the road with his partner, producer and co-creator, Richard Shaw, to interview the experts—authors; scientists; forensic archaeologists; and professors, as they get to the root of the legend of some very strange events at various on-site locations. Were these Giants really the cause of Noah’s Flood?

Near death experiences are another highlight of Watchers 4 as Marzulli interviews the leading experts in the field, one of whom shares his research into more than 3,000 case studies on heaven and hell. Have these people really seen the afterlife and come back to tell us about it? What proof do they have that they have actually seen “the other side?”

Dr. Roger Leir, alien implant removal specialist, returns with his latest research, more bizarre than ever. On the Israeli front, Marzulli exposes the roots of the Arab Spring in an exclusive interview with a member of Israel’s Parliament. AND, you won’t want to miss a one-on-one interview with prophecy teacher, Chuck Missler. Last but not least, Bible numerology and the Torah codes are discussed, explaining the significance of the numbers 13-13-13 and the number 12,111. How will these two numbers affect the world’s future? Are the Torah Codes real and trustworthy, or just the product af an overactive imagination?



81 minutes

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