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Virtual Tour To the Temple: A Spectacular Presentation of Temple History Mac/PC Software by Dr. Randall Price


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Virtual Tour To the Temple: A Spectacular Presentation of Temple History

Mac/PC Software Version 2.0

By Dr. Randall Price

Get ready for a  Virtual Tour of the Temple Mount, Jerusalem, Shiloh, and Timna Park. Interactive maps link to over 100 high-definition, 360-degree panoramas and informative videos presented by author, Dr. Randall Price. All of these are biblically based, underpinned by the latest archaeological research. A stunningly beautiful presentation! 

Three years in the making, Dr. Price and a team from Inner-Cube Publishing in Germany traveled to Israel to produce a user-friendly interactive tool for research and investigation of the sites related to the Tabernacle and Temple. Of course, it is fun to use as well! Because tour groups visiting the Temple Mount today are restricted by the Islamic Waqf and the only teaching allowed on the site is from the Islamic viewpoint, the need existed for a “virtual tour” of the site that would allow an audience to see and hear the biblical information about the Temple. Using hidden a hidden camera and microphone, the team went many times to the Temple Mount capturing video footage of Dr. Price teaching about the Temple on location. This was done even in the midst of an Islamic riot against suspected Jewish worshippers who had entered the site!

Shot in 360 degree views, the user is able to navigate to any place desired around and on the Temple Mount (including the Mt. of Olives) and read data points on each site as well as see and hear video clips of Dr. Price’s teaching. Other sites include the Tabernacle site at ancient Shiloh and the reconstructed Tabernacle in Timna Park. In addition, original artistic reproductions of the Second Temple structures add to the value of this new product. There is nothing else like this on the market and it will be a useful tool for educators wanting to show students the sites (as well as assign them research projects touring the sites) and for youth interested in an interactive virtual reality tour to the Holy Land. Each DVD contains the same virtual tour format in four languages (English, German, Spanish, and Portuguese). So you can also have the unique experience of hearing Dr. Price speaking in different languages! The DVD also includes a password giving access to an online version of the Virtual Temple Tour.



System Requirements

Operating System- Microsoft Windows 7 & 8 or Mac OSX 10.9 (or higher) 

Memory 2 GB RAM

Hard Drive Space 8 GB

Watch the Video! 

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