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Unwrapping the Pharaohs (Book with free bonus 90 min Download of video footage)


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Unwrapping the Pharaohs

by David Down & John Ashton

Mummies, pyramids and pharaohs oh my! The culture and civilization of the ancient Egyptians have fascinated people for centuries. However, in recent years, liberal teachers and professors have used traditional Egyptian chronology to undermine the truth of the biblical record in Exodus. Authors David Down and John Ashton present a ground-breaking new chronology in Unwrapping the Pharaohs that strongly supports the biblical account. 

Go back in time as the boy-king, Tutankhamen, the female pharaoh, Hatshepsut, and the beautiful Cleopatra are brought back to life. This book is the reader’s version of the movie National Treasure! Learn who the pharaoh of the Exodus was and where his pyramid is in this captivating new look at Egyptian history. 

Unwrapping the Pharaohs offers a new chronology, which confirms the Old Testament accounts of Moses, the Exodus from Egypt, and Joseph. 

It comes complete with over 300 beautiful color photographs, finished in an expensive, glossy finish. 

Enjoy 90 minutes of video footage on a FREE bonus download filmed on location in Egypt and at many famous archaeological sites in the company of a skilled archaeologist. 

Go deep into ancient tombs and discover the fascinating architecture and history of the pyramids. 

Enjoy a breathtaking journey through the pyramids and temples of Egypt with Australia author and archaeologist David Down. 




224 pages

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