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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy: Jesus the Messiah


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Unlocking Old Testament Prophecy: Jesus the Messiah

by Day of Discovery and Mart DeHaan

It’s often said that there are hundreds of prophecies about Jesus in the Old Testament. But are they really there? What does the Old Testament actually reveal about Jesus?

In this Day of Discovery DVD, Mart DeHaan unlocks the confusion and opens the door to a better understanding of these predictions. Using the book of Matthew, he explains how to understand Old Testament passages that appear, or appear to be simply historical references. Find out what Jesus meant when He said He came to fulfill both the Law and the Prophets. 

Join us as we walk through the city of Jerusalem, along the banks of the Jordan River, and down the shoreline of the Sea of Galilee. Together, we’ll discover God’s ultimate plan of rescue for Israel and the world through Jesus—the Messiah! 



25 minutes

Produced in 2010

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