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Understanding End Times Prophecy: A Comprehensive Approach


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Understanding End Times Prophecy: A Comprehensive Approach

by Paul Benware: Foreword by Charles Ryrie

Paul Benware’s book, Understanding End Times Prophecy has always been a “go-to” book for establishing a basic understanding of the fundamentals of Bible prophecy. If you are looking for a good place to start your education in the study of eschatology, this is the book for you. I keep my copy close at hand to deal with major issues and prophetic conflicts like views of the rapture, preterism, the Abrahamic Covenant and other issues that can become divisive without all the facts at hand. The world of Bible prophecy is full of opinions. Benware’s lifetime of study takes those opinions and holds them up to the light of Scripture. 

Do you think what happens in the future doesn’t matter today? THINK AGAIN. The author of Revelation prefaced his vision with the encouragement that the person who knows prophetic truth—and orders his life according to these truths—will live better now. The study of Bible prophecy

Reminds us that God is sovereign

Motivates us to holy living

Reminds us that God is good

Helps us establish proper priorities

Gives us hope

Paul Benware has these benefits in mind in this revised and expanded edition of his classic book. In this new edition he addresses the confusion and conflict surrounding the topic of prophecy, provides a biblical framework to clarify different interpretations—including pre-, a-, and postmillennialism, and includes an extra chapter addressing the false doctrine of preterism. He also provies insight that can help you understand how these different explanations of Scripture have the power to shape your faith and offers tools to help you develop biblical discernment. 

“This book is a remarkably readable, clear, concise and yet comprehensive discussion of future events. It is the best volume of its kind on the subject—whether for individual study, group discussions or as a course text.”

Thomas H. Cragoe- ThD, Interim Chair and Associate Professor of Bible- Cedarville University


INTRODUCTION: The critical importance of Bible Prophecy

1. Interpreting Bible Prophecy

2. The Abrahamic Covenant

3. The Palestinian, Davidic and New Covenants

4. Dispensational Theology and Covenant Theology

5. The View of Premillennialism

6. The Church and the Nation of Israel

7. The View of Amillennialism

8. The View of Postmillennialism

9. The View of Preterism

10. The Kingdom of God

11. An Overview of Future Events

12. The Pretribulation Rapture View

13. The Post Tribulation Rapture View

14. Other Rapture Views

Partial rapture

Midtribulational View

Pre-Wrath Rapture

15. Daniel’s 70th Week (The Tribulation Period)

16. The Coming Judgments and Resurrections

17. The Future Kingdom of God

18. Death and the Intermediate State

19. The Final Eternal State


1. An Overview of the Book of Revelation

2. Christ’s Olivet Discourse

3. Some Prophetic Definitions

4. The Prophecies of Daniel 


421 pages



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