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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Ultimate Prophecy Package – 80 messages 42 DVDs by Billy Crone!!! (Save $70.00)

$199.95 $129.95

The Final Countdown (50 Prophetic Messages on 27 DVDs!)

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The Final Countdown Package 15 DVDs: 30 Studies (Vols 10-14) - Billy Cron

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Get a Life! - Billy Crone's Personal Testimony

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The Ultimate Prophecy Package – 80 messages on 42 DVDS!!!

by Billy Crone!

Here is the first set of DVDs that represent Billy’s ongoing research into Bible prophecy. These are being updated on a consistent basis, bringing you the very latest up-to-date information on breaking news from the world of Bible prophecy. If you don’t know who Billy Crone is, you will soon. He’s a young pastor who was saved out of a dark life that included a teenage oath to Satan, an attempted suicide, and a dark trip into confusion of the the New Age. God took him out of that world and raised him up to be a dynamic young preacher who went down a controversial road—he studies Bible prophecy and teaches it in his church! You are about to hear some dynamic preaching and cutting edge research. 

The Final Countdown: The Complete Collection contains 9 individual volumes with 27 DVDs and and 50 messages. 

  1. Modern Israel/Modern Technology
  2. Worldwide Upheaval/Rise of Falsehood
  3. Population Control/UFOs/Environmentalism
  4. Humanism/Atheism/Selfism/Hedonism
  5. Rise of Apostasy/Phony and Worldy Believers
  6. One World Religion/Interfaithism/Ecumenicalism
  7. New World Order/Big Brother Society
  8. Going Global/Economy/Union/Currency/Technology
  9. 666/Mark of the Beast

Here’s a sampling of the content on the 2nd unique set of 15 DVDs, perfect for the skeptic; a Bible study; a church audience; or a great introduction to family members or strangers—saved or unsaved. Billy’s excitement, knowledge and humor will make him a popular guest in your home. Some of the research on these 15 DVDs will shock you and make you realize how close we are to the rapture and the start of the Tribulation. Clones, Drones and Crone’s, oh my! From Facebook, to Google’s “mind of God,” to the Mark of the Beast, you are about to get quite a prophetic education. 

1. The Jewish People

2. The Antichrist

3. Modern Technology

4. Worldwide Upheaval

5. The Rise of Falsehood

6. The Rise of Wickedness

7. The Rise of Apostasy

8. One World Religion

9. One World Government

10. Big Brother Technology

11. One World Economy

12. Mark of the Beast


80 messages on 42 DVDs!

$129.95 (Save $70.00)

This package is also available on 2 Flash Drives for a $10.00 savings. Look for it in our online bookstore.