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The Revisiting Roswell Package – 3 DVDs – Part 1 – Roswell: Exoneration – Part 2 – Roswell: Evidence From the Debris Field – Project Jehovah: The Top Secret UFO Coverup – SHIPPING INCLUDED FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY


Project Jehovah DVD - The Top Secret US Government Coverup in 1947 - By Gary Stearman and Mondo Gonzales - FREE SHIPPING FOR US ONLY

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Revisiting Roswell: Part 1 - Exoneration  - By L.A. Marzulli - SHIPPING INCLUDE FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY

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Revisiting Roswell: Part 2 - Evidence From the Debris Field - By L.A. Marzulli - SHIPPING INCLUDE FOR U.S. CUSTOMERS ONLY

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The Revisiting Roswell Package

By L.A. Marzulli, Gary Stearman and Mondo Gonzales 

3 DVDs

1. Project Jehovah – DVD: The Top Secret UFO Coverup – Featuring Gary Stearman, Mondo Gonzales 

2. Part 1 – Roswell: Exoneration – DVD with L.A. Marzulli and Guests

3. Part 2 – Roswell: Evidence From the Debris Field – DVD with L.A.Marzulli and Guests 

**International customers see below for shipping*

Roswell: Part 1 – Exoneration 

Does the fresh evidence we’ve uncovered exonerate intelligence officer Jesse Marcel? In the early days of July, 1947, something crashed in the barren, isolated, high-desert of New Mexico, just outside the town of Roswell. Enter Jesse Marcel, the 509th Bombing Group Intelligence Officer, who drove out to the site with rancher Mac Brazel. What happens in the following hours will change Marcel’s life and those of his family forever. 

The Roswell Daily Paper ran the explosive story that the Army had captured a flying disc. However, 24 hours later this story, which we believe was the truth, was changed, and in its place the public was told that Marcel has mistaken a weather balloon for a UFO. This begins the decades of obfuscation and coverup of the UFO phenomenon. 

In this film you will hear testimonies from the Marcel family and friends as well as evidence that will in our opinion will exonerate the Marcel name and prove once and for all that what crashed in the desert near Roswell, New Mexico was not a weather balloon, but something from another world, or as we posit, another dimension 

Roswell: Part 2 – Evidence From the Debris Field

Our team found something in the debris field and the results are in. In Part 2, Evidence From the Debris Field, we interviewed two renowned Ufologists, Frank Kimbler and Dennis Balthaser. Both men have spent hundreds of hours researching the Roswell incident and they came on the record stating that what crashed just outside of Roswell was not a weather balloon but a craft of some sort. 

We traveled to the Debris Field with Frank Kimbler and Chuck Zukowski which is located in a very remote area, hours outside the city of Roswell. Frank and Chuck brought their metal detectors and we uncover for the first time on film, two pieces of metal that we believe are from the craft that crashed in 1947. These fragments were buried 6 inches deep in undisturbed soil. We had the metal tested and you will hear the results that in our opinion that something not-of-this-world crashed in the desert outside of Roswell and it was not in the weather balloon.

Project Jehovah: The Top Secret UFO Coverup

According to multiple sources, an alien craft crashed in a field in Roswell, NM in 1947. Over the years the ring of secrecy has slowly receded. Deathbed confessions, whistleblowers, military pilots and government insiders have rolled back the secrets of what happened that day and why the coverup has continued for over 75 years. Project Jehovah was a top secret government project designed to keep these secrets from the world. Out of this UFO/UAP conundrum came advanced technology from the other side. Reverse engineering has produced lasers, fiber optics and printed circuits that have changed the world. Fortunes were made in the Military/Industrial complex, but perhaps those dark secrets may soon come to light. Recent revelations make us believe official disclosure may be imminent. How will the world react to an alien arrival from outer space? Will the appearance of advanced aliens/fallen angels claiming to be our ancient progenitors explain away the rapture of the church? In the words of L.A. Marzulli, “when we go up, they show up!” 



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