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The Trinity: The Mystery of the Godhead by Chuck Missler


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The Trinity: The Mystery of the Godhead

by Chuck Missler

Is there one God or three? How does one reconcile the one God of the Sh’ma with the three persons of the Trinity? 

The doctrine of the Trinity has been at the heart of much biblical controversy. The routine objection is that the doctrine sacrifices monotheism to “tritheism.” But this misconception thrives on a misconception of divine personality in the image of disparate, individual human selves. 

This type of rationalistic apologetics, promotive of trinitarianism on speculative rather than revelational grounds, regrettably encourages this misunderstanding. 

One of the reasons we suffer such misunderstanding is relying on models. 

Chuck explores the ostensible tensions between the Old and New Testament revelations of the ultimate mystery of the Godhead. This is a foundational study for every Christian.



105 pages

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