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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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A Thief in the Night: A Russ Doughten Film Viewed by 300,000,000 People!


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A Thief in the Night: A Blast From the Past! 

Tribulation is Coming and There is No Place to Hide

A Russ Doughten Film

Viewed by over 300,000,000 People!

Do you remember the most popular end-times movie of all time—Thief in the Night? It’s been viewed by more than 300,000,000 people! Many years ago I got to meet Russ Doughten at a book sellers convention. Now, his Thief in the Night movie is available on DVD, along with the sequels it spawned, A Distant Thunder, Image of the Beast and coming soon, The Prodigal Planet. Who can forget the music and lyrics? “Life was filled with guns and wars and everyone got trampled on the floor; I wish we’d all been ready.”

I saw this movie in a Christian movie theater in Bristol, PA many years ago. Never forget it! It planted the seeds of Bible prophecy way back in 1972! Looking at it today, it’s more than a bit dated, but the message is still powerful. Your kids may left at the clothes, the acting and the cinematography, but they will get the message! The Tribulation approaches! 

Patty disregarded the prophetic, biblical warnings of the coming Tribulation. Now the truth begins to unfold. Can she escape the dramatic haunting circumstances? Is there a way out for her? The climax is riveting! 



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