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The Shroud of Turin Evangelistic Print Package – Brochures, Photographs, Bookmarks, Conversation Starter Card Packages – Bonus DVD! – Shipping Included in the USA


The Shroud of Turin Evangelistic Print Collection - Brochures, Photographs, Bookmarks, Conversation Starter Card Packages - By Russ Breault - Shipping Included in the USA  

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The Shroud of Turin DVD - Receipt of the Resurrection - Answering the Objections - By Russ Breault and Mondo Gonzales - Shipping Included in the USA

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The Shroud of Turin Evangelistic Print Package

Brochures, Photographs, Bookmarks, Conversation Starter Card Packages

Plus a Bonus DVD answering the objections to the Shroud of Turin by Shroud Expert Russ Breault and Mondo Gonzales

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The Shroud of Turin is the most analyzed artifact in the world. It bears the faint front and back image of a 5’10” crucified man with all the same wounds as Jesus as recorded in the Gospels.The wounds include those from a crown of thorns with numerous punctures of the scalp, a body with over 120 scourges or whip marks on both front and back from the neck down to the ankles, nail wounds in the wrists and lastly a side wound with blood flowing down and across the back. The bloodstains show the evidence of gravity, the man was upright when the wounds were inflicted. All the wounds except the side wound occurred when he was alive. The side wound shows the clear separation of blood and serum, which only occurs after death. This is also consistent with the biblical account. 

The Shroud of Turin may be an unsolved mystery. Yet unlike anything else … it goes to the very core of the Christian faith … the life, suffering, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It has been described as the “First Gospel,” written on linen with no need for translation. It has been called a “love letter left behind for the analytical mind. It is the hope of the author, lifetime Shroud Expert Russ Breault, that as you explore the mystery of the Shroud you will also encounter the message. This package of conversation starters is designed to answer the question Jesus asked His disciples … “Who do you say I am?” 

Here are a few highlights of the Shroud … 

  • The linen cloth is hand twisted flax, 14′ X 3.5′ … a cloth that would be made for a rich man. 
  • It conforms to Jewish burial practices for a violent death
  • The man is 5’10” 
  • In his feet are two nail wounds, the mark of a crucifixion
  • The victim’s legs were not broken 
  • The victim was scourged … 120 whip marks from the neck to the ankles
  • Post mortem blood flow across the back, which shows the separation of blood and serum
  • The victim’s head is covered with puncture wounds
  • The side wound occurred after death
  • The hands show nail wounds in the wrist with no thumbs visible
  • Other markings on the Shroud are from patches from a 1532 fire and water stains 
  • No visible trace of paint, ink, dye or pigment
  • 13 different tests prove positive for human blood from actual wounds
  • No stains or decomposition 

The Print Package Includes … 

  • An 8.5″ X 11″ color image of the face of the man on the Shroud suitable for framing 
  • An 8.5′”X 11″ full image of the Shroud suitable for framing 
  • An 8.5″ X 11″ photo of 3 of the disciples examining the detail of the Shroud (An artist rendering) 
  • An 8.5″ X 11″ color chart that shows the Shroud details with all of the supporting evidence 
  • An 8.5″ X 11″ color brochure that contains a map of the Shroud along with all the identifying marks
  • A 4 page brochure on the Shroud detailing its past history and tests performed on the Shroud 
  • A 16 page overview on the Shroud and why Russ Breault is convinced this could be the burial cloth of Christ 
  • A sample package of Shroud bookmarks with the image of Christ’s face and image of the full Shroud on the bookmark 
  • A sample of small Shroud cards that can be used as evangelistic conversation starters. 


The Shroud of Turin: Receipt of the Resurrection 

Join Mondo Gonzales as he interviews Shroud of Turin expert Russ Breault. Is the Shroud authentic? Could it actually be the burial cloth of Jesus? There is much controversy surrounding the Shroud and Mondo and Russ seek to get to the bottom of it. They discuss new research on the Shroud and handle the objections many people put forward to accepting the Shroud as authentic. 

Here are the major objections to the Shroud answered by two experts.

  • Does the Shroud violate the commandment not to make a graven image? 
  • What about the single strip of cloth in John 19:40? 
  • Doesn’t the Bible say the beard of Jesus was ripped out? 
  • Wouldn’t the Messiah be too marred and disfigured to be recognized? 
  • If the Shroud is a fake, do we lose our faith? 
  • Where is the modern day technology to reproduce the Shroud image? 



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