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The Planned Destruction of America


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The Planned Destruction of America

by Dr. James Wardner

Wake up America to the New World Treason! 

I first read this ground-breaking book in 1994. It was shocking back then, but these days . . . it’s not that surprising at all. There is a clear agenda in place. It’s a bit hard to believe it’s so out in the open. Author James Wardner puts it succinctly, “I am here to tell you that the declining American standard of living has been planned from the beginning . . . at the highest levels of American government—a plan to fail, a plan to create insecurity and uncertainty, a plan to make the American people serfs in the New World Order.” 

The Planned Destruction of America explains in shocking detail . . . 

Who is responsible for our failing economy?

The secret plan behind the massive job elimination that American is now experiencing.

Why the “free” press hides the truth from the American public. 

When the control of our money supply was taken away from our government and illegally handed over to an international group of private banking interests. 

How the Great Depression of 1929-1931 was planned in secret by the same elite power structure which is now promoting a New World Order. 

The common thread linking the Kennedy and Lincoln assassinations of two other U.S. Presidents.

The carefully orchestrated effort to lower the moral standards of the American public and how it weakens the resistance to mass control.

In this fascinating book, James W. Wardner exposes the evil forces behind the “New World Order” and reveals the unholy alliances that are bringing about “the planned destruction of America.” 


  1. Money and Inflation
  2. The Federal Reserve- Public or Private?
  3. The Federal Reserve: Creator of Fictitious Money
  4. The Federal Reserve: Manipulating the Economy
  5. The Council of Foreign Relations
  6. The Trilateral Commission
  7. Multinational Corporations
  8. The Media Blackout
  9. Calculated Coverups
  10. Who Are the Bilderbergers?
  11. Unholy Alliances Are Killing America



197 pages

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