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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Next Prophecies Package Buy 1 Book – Get 1 Book – FREE!  by Bill Salus 

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Apocalypse Road: Revelation for the Final Generation Book - New From Bill Salus

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The Next Prophecies by Bill Salus (Book Only)

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The Next Prophecies Package

Buy 1 Book – Get 1 Book – FREE! 

by Bill Salus 

I’ve never seen Bill Salus quite so passionate about soon-to-come prophetic events. In Bill’s own words, spoken with a sense of real urgency, he says, “Bad things are coming.” For the last few years, Bill has stirred up excitement in the prophetic community with his ground-breaking work on Ezekiel 38, Isaiah 17 and Jeremiah 49, passages that describe a series of future wars and judgments on Russia, Turkey, Syria and Iran. What subject could be more pertinent in the news today?

Bill breaks from long-held prophetic traditions with some new, controversial ideas on the the Seals of Revelation and the Four Horseman of the Apocalypse, laying out a biblical timeline that should give all of us pause to think. Gary and Bill highlight what Bill calls, The Next Prophecies. What happens next? What one event kicks off the Tribulation Period? Tune in to hear just how close we could be to walking on streets of gold! We have to be the last generation! All of the signs line up perfectly! 


  • The Ezekiel 38 “Gog of Magog” invasion
  • The Pre-Tribulation Time-Gap Mystery
  • Satanic Supernatural Deception (Super-Signs and Lying-Wonders)
  • The Rise of the Antichrist (The Lawless One)
  • The Revealing of Mystery Babylon (The Harlot World Religion)
  • The Opening of the Seal Judgments (The 4-Horsemen of the Apocalypse)
  • World Wars, Famines and Pestilences
  • The Decline of Islam (Allah loses his Akbar)
  • The False Covenant that triggers the Tribulation Period (What is the true content of this false covenant)?
  • Christian Martyrdom (The Fifth Seal Saints)
  • The Two Mysterious Witnesses of Revelation
  • The Tribulation Temple in Jerusalem


The NEXT PROPHECIES book prepares the reader for powerful future world events! Don’t get LEFT BEHIND to face The NEXT PROPHECIES!

Order the Next Prophecies book and get a FREE Apocalypse Road book. Apocalypse Road is a novel that follows a family through their experiences of the Next PropheciesTheir saga is the storyline of what a modern family will face when the Next Prophecies find fulfillment. The book is a 240-page paperback that includes several images.

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