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-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Nefarious BluRay Conference Package – FREE Nefarious **Blu-Ray** with the Orlando Prophecy Conference DVD sets – 17 DVDs – 33 Messages from America’s Leading Prophecy Experts  – by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon *DVD ONLY WORKS IN USA and CANADA*


***Blockbuster Alert!*** - Blu Ray Format  - Nefarious: Speak of the Devil - by Cary Solomon and Chuck Konzelman - *DVD ONLY WORKS IN USA AND CANADA* - Shipping included in the U.S. only

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The Orlando Prophecy Summit 2023 DVD Sets - 18 Speakers - 17 DVDs - 33 presentations - Save $25.00 - SHIPPING included in the USA!

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The Nefarious Conference Package

FREE Nefarious Blu Ray DVD with the Orlando Prophecy Conference DVD sets 

17 DVDs – 33 Messages from America’s Leading Prophecy Experts 

by Chuck Konzelman and Cary Solomon 



It’s not often that Prophecy Watchers would ever recommend an R-rated movie. But this one is different. Gary Stearman recommended this film, so our staff went to see it recently. From start to finish the film was RIVETING. We couldn’t take our eyes off the screen for 98 seat-of-the-pants minutes. The dialogue between the demon on death row and the unbelieving psychiatrist was Oscar-worthy. Just two men having a conversation, but oh what an eye opening conversation it was. 

Jesus is known as “The Carpenter” and Lucifer becomes the demons “Master.” The hatred Lucifer has for God is crystal clear and soon it becomes obvious to the psychiatrist that this demon has been watching him from afar for a long, long time, knowing intimate details about his life. What starts out as a laborious “waste-of-my-time” interview quickly veers off into the supernatural. All of us left the theater in silence, not knowing what to say. Every believer should watch this film. It teaches us that from a young age Satan and his cohorts are looking for our weak spots and finding ways to exploit them. It’s convicting. It’s biblical. It should open many eyes to the spiritual battle we all face with an invisible enemy every day. This is real life stuff. 

The reason for the R rating? There’s an electrocution scene at the end of the movie that is gross and disturbing. Of course I’ve seen worse on network TV and its a necessary part of the film.  No profanity … nothing spiritually questionable … take my word for it … this film will change your life. 

Here’s the back cover description of the film. 

In the battle between good and evil, we’re all participants, willing or not.  On the day of his scheduled execution, a convicted serial killer gets a last-minute court-ordered psychiatric evaluation. The killer surprises the psychiatrist with his claim that instead of trying to avoid his fate, he is a demon who wants the execution to go forward … and further claims that before their brief time together is over, the doctor will have committed three murders of his own. 

Orlando Prophecy Conference DVDs (Regular Format) 

Here is a list of messages from the Orlando Prophecy Summit

DVD Set #1 – 9 DVDs – 18 messages 

1. Conference Open – 22 minutes
2. Ryan Pitterson – Nephilim: End Times Deception – 48 minutes   
1. Gary Stearman – It’s All About the Seed – 52 minutes 
2. Claudia Koenig – Winning Souls For Christ – 51 minutes 
1. Mondo Gonzales – The Red Heifers Have Arrived: Is the Rapture Next? 
65 minutes
2. Larry Ollison – The Ancient World Before Adam and Eve – 42 minutes 
1. Billy Crone – Klaus Schwab and the Current Holocaust – Part 1 – 64 minutes 
2. J.B. Hixson – Bloodlust: Exposing the Luciferian Depopulation Agenda
48 minutes 
1. Ryan Pitterson – The Final Nephilim – 45 minutes 
2. Jeff Kinley – Antichrist: Scripture’s Portrait of Satan’s Coming Prince
55 minutes 
1. Brandon Holthaus – Preparing For the Beast System: A World Without Walls 
64 minutes 
2. Don Perkins – The Reality of Hell – 46 minutes 
1. Bill Salus – The Future War Prophecies – 58 minutes 
2. Nathan Jones – The End Time Sign of Technology – 47 minutes 
1. Tom Hughes – The System of the Beast is Here – 45 minutes 
2. Todd Hampson – Why the Book of Daniel is More Relevant Than Ever 
49 minutes 
1. L.A. Marzulli – Crop Circles: Top Secret Messages From the Dragon 
60 minutes 
2. Brent Miller Jr. – A Final Warning to the Last Generation – 50 minutes 

Set #2 – 8 DVDs – 15 messages 

1. Billy Crone – Klaus Schwab and the Current Holocaust – Part 2 – 46 minutes 
2. Brandon Holthaus – The Lord is Revealing Laodicea to the Remnant
48 minutes 
1. L.A. Marzulli – UFO Update: Out of Place Artifacts – 49 minutes 
2. Bill Salus – From Here To Eternity – 49 minutes 
1. J.B. Hixson – The Totalitarian Tiptoe: The Luciferian Plan For Global Control 
61 minutes 
2. Todd Hampson – Unlocking the Big Picture of Bible Prophecy – 43 minutes 
1. Bill Koenig – Washington’s Political Chaos: A DC Debacle – 61 minutes 
2. Nathan Jones – The Demise of the Globalist Agenda – 45 minutes 
1. Brent Miller Sr. – Deceiving the Elect: The Secret Plan to Shatter Your Faith 
46 minutes 
2. Larry Ollison – Your Journey To Heaven – 41 minutes 
1. Tom Hughes – DEFCON 2023 – 46 minutes 
2. Bill Salus – Ezekiel 38: The Day God Defends Israel  – 46 minutes 
1. Jeff Kinley – Days of Discernment: Walking With Clarity and Confidence 
46 minutes 
2. Don Perkins – The Reality of Heaven – 47 minutes 
Q & A Panel Discussion – 72 minutes 



***SHIPPING INCLUDED in USA ONLY*** – This package is available for Canadian customers with additional shipping costs. Contact us at for a shipping quote on this package of products. There are no additional handling charges or packaging charges added. Our shipping charges are what the US Postal Service charges to send this package Internationally.