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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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The Kingdom of God Visualized – How Will Positions Be Assigned? (For the Serious Bible Student!)


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The Kingdom of God Visualized

How Will Positions Be Assigned? (For the Serious Bible Student!)

By Ray Baughman

In his opening chapter, the author says, “A new government will be established in the future that will be just as real as any existing now. Its territory will be definite, with certain people as its citizens, and with selected administrators to help in its rule. It will be the most important government in the world, the best that ever existed, and it will last forever. It will be the kingdom of Jesus Christ. 

This is an important topic of study because the things you are doing now and your present relationship with God will affect your future participation in, or relationship to this promised kingdom.

Where can today’s Christian find out more after this kingdom? Baughman says, “Without the Word of God, all answers are guesswork – the wisdom or the imagination of men. But God has chosen to reveal at least the basic outline of His plan for the ages. Through the history and prophecy of the Bible we can understand God’s program.”

The book spotlights the kingdom program of God in graphic detail from Genesis to Revelation. It gives an extensive but simple overview of the coming, eternal kingdom of Jesus Christ. 


  1. New Government to Be Established
  2. God’s Plan of the Ages
  3. God’s Covenants
  4. Israel’s School in the Wilderness
  5. Establishment in the Historical Kingdom
  6. The Disruption of the Historical Kingdom
  7. The Overthrow of the Historical Kingdom
  8. The Place of the Kingdom in Old Testament Prophecy 
  9. The Advent and Preparation of the King
  10. The Offer and Rejection of the King and His Kingdom
  11. God’s Two Programs
  12. God’s Purpose and Plan For the Church
  13. The Book of Hebrews and the Kingdom
  14. The Kingdom in the Epistles and the Revelation
  15. Preliminary Events Before the Kingdom
  16. Conflicting Programs
  17. God’s Judgment – The Great Tribulation
  18. New Heaven and the New Earth
  19. Kingdom Conditions
  20. Positions in the Kingdom
  21. The Government of the Kingdom
  22. Spiritual Life in the Kingdom
  23. Eternal Destinies
  24. Activities of Eternity
  25. Appendix A: Kingdom Terminology
  26. Appendix B: Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Kingdom



286 pages

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