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The Hubble Legacy Package – by Jim Bell and Mondo Gonzales – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


Hubble Legacy - 30 Years of Discovery and Images - by Jim Bell - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Biblical Astronomy Comes Alive - DVD by Mondo Gonzales (Shipping included in the USA only)

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The Hubble Legacy Package

by Jim Bell and Mondo Gonzales 

This magnificent, hardback book in the definitive work on the Hubble Space Telescope, written by noted astronomer Jim Bell. Looking deep into space means looking back in time and the Hubble Space Telescope can look very far back at stars, nebulae and galaxies that perhaps are millions of years old. Hubble has done more to chronicle the origin and evolution of the known Universe than any other instrument ever created. Hubble has also captured an astounding collection of ultraviolet images that include geyser’s of solar light, Mars’ famous dust storms, exploding stars, solar flares, globular clusters and actual galaxies colliding. 

As for scientific milestones, Hubble has helped us learn that just about every large galaxy features a black hole at it’s center and that it’s possible to create 3-D maps of dark matter. Hubble Legacy will not only feature the most stunning imagery capturd by the telescope, but also explain how Hubble has advanced our understanding of the Universe and our very Creation. 

As a free bonus, get a copy of Mondo’s excellent teaching on biblical astronomy, The Heavens Declare the Glory of God. You won’t be disappointed! 


$50.00 in the USA! 

***SHIPPING INCLUDED in USA ONLY*** – This package is available for non-USA customers with additional International shipping costs. Contact us at for a shipping quote on this package of products. There are no additional handling charges or packaging charges added. Our shipping charges are what the US Postal Service charges to send this package Internationally.