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The Historical and Geographical Maps of Israel and Surrounding Territories by Arnold Fruchtenbaum


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The Historical and Geographical Maps of Israel and Surrounding Territories

With extensive commentary on each map and region

by Arnold Fruchtenbaum

Quite simply the best book of Biblical Maps ever created with commentary on every key place in Israel. 97 detailed maps with geographic and historical commentary are included with each map. Once again, in typical Fruchentbaum style, there is nothing comparable to this. 

I’ll let the author describe this magnificent work.

“The Promised Land, Sodom and Gomorrah, the Road to Damascus—these expressions and names have become integral parts of our daily vocabulary. We are so familiar with them, and still, do we always know where they can be found in the Word of God? Can we pinpoint their locations on a map of the Middle East? The geography of the Bible is a rewarding field of study. God decided to convey His plan of the ages in very specific historical and geographical settings. Ariel Ministries’ approach of teaching the Scriptures always included the historical and geographical context they were written in. But to put the Scriptures into this context can be challenging as the historical account of the Bible spans several thousand years. Empires came and went. Boundaries changed and so did the names of cities, towns and regions. Political struggles in the Land, as well as wars with neighboring countries, altered the spelling and even the languages in which these names were written. 

This book, then, is intended to support your study of the Word of God. Thanks to Deborah Bosio Riley, who in painstaking detail overlaid the different maps with graphic elements to illustrate the geography of the Bible, we were able to combine visual aids with an account of the historical background of the Word of God. The first two maps give an overview of the general geographical divisions and the highway system of Israel. Maps 3 to 97 follow the chronology of the Scriptures as well as the post-biblical period and even Bible prophecy, leading you through millennia of history in the context of the geography of the Middle East. 

When Moses told the twelve spies in Numbers 13 to go into the Land of Canaan, he said to them: 

“See the land, what it is; and the people that dwell therein, whether they are strong or weak, whether they are few or many; and what the land is that they dwell in, whether it is good or bad; and what cities they are that they dwell, whether in camps, or in strongholds; and what the land is, whether it is fat or lean, whether there is wood therein, or not.”

Just as Moses told the spies to check out the land, we, too, send you out to explore for yourself the rich history and geography of Israel. We pray that this study tool will strengthen your faith, equip you for service, and deepen your love for the One who holds Israel in His hands.” 

Yours for the salvation of Israel,

Dr. Arnold G. Fruchtenbaun


  1. The Divisions of the Land
  2. The Highway System
  3. The Madaba Map
  4. The Campaigns of Pepi I and Sanusert
  5. The Execration Texts
  6. Abraham and Isaac
  7. Jacob and His Sons
  8. Campaign of Thutmose III
  9. Campaign of Amenhotep II
  10. The Exodus and Wilderness Wanderings
  11. Joshua- Central and Southern Campaigns
  12. Joshua- The Northern Campaign
  13. The Twelve Tribes
  14. The Philistines
  15. Campaigns of Seti I & Merneptah
  16. The Early Judges
  17. The Later Judges
  18. Samuel
  19. Samuel and Saul
  20. Samuel and Saul II
  21. David- The Pre-Kingdom Period
  22. David- The Kingdom of Judah
  23. David’s Jerusalem I
  24. David’s Jerusalem II- Rebellion
  25. The Davidic Kingdom I
  26. The Davidic Kingdom II
  27. Solomon’s Kingdom
  28. Solomon’s Jerusalem
  29. Divided Kingdom- First Stage (Part 1)
  30. The Campaign of Shishak
  31. Divided Kingdom First Stage (Part II) King Abijah & King Asa
  32. Divided Kingdom First Stage Part III
  33. Divided Kingdom Second Stage (Part 1)
  34. The Journeys of Elijah
  35. Divided Kingdom Second Stage (Part II)
  36. Divided Kingdom Second Stage (Part III)
  37. Divided Kingdom Third Stage (Part I)
  38. Divided Kingdom Third Stage (Part II)
  39. The Cities of the Prophets
  40. Divided Kingdom Fourth Stage (Part I)
  41. Divided Kingdom Fourth Stage (Part II)
  42. Judah Alone First Stage (Part I)
  43. Judah Alone First Stage (Part II)
  44. Judah Alone Second Stage (Part I)
  45. Judah Alone Zedekiah Second Stage (Part II)
  46. Babylonian & Persian Periods
  47. Jerusalem of Nehemiah
  48. Hellenistic Period
  49. Maccabean Period I
  50. Maccabean Period II
  51. Maccabean Period III
  52. Maccabean Period IV
  53. Maccabean Period V
  54. Maccabean Period VI
  55. The Maccabean Period VII
  56. The Fall of Israel to Rome
  57. The Fall of Jerusalem to Rome
  58. Herod the Great (Part 1)
  59. Herod the Great (Part II)
  60. Herod’s Jerusalem
  61. The Birth and Childhood of Jesus
  62. The Ministry of Jesus (Part I)
  63. The Ministry of Jesus (Part 2)
  64. Jesus and His Galilean Ministry
  65. The Ministry of Jesus (Part III)
  66. The Final Week of Jesus
  67. The Travels of Philip and Peter
  68. The Journeys of Paul the Apostle
  69. The Outbreak of the First Jewish Revolt 64-66 A.D.
  70. The First Jewish Revolt 67 A.D.
  71. The First Jewish Revolt 68 A.D.
  72. The First Jewish Revolt 69-74 A.D.
  73. The Fall of Jerusalem in 70 A.D.
  74. The Bar Kochba Revolt (Part I) 131-132 A.D.
  75. The Bar Kochba Revolt (Part II) 133-135 A.D.
  76. Roman Palestine & Byzantine Period 135-614 A.D.
  77. The Persian Conquest
  78. The Arab-Muslim Conquest 634-640 A.D.
  79. The Crusader Kingdom 1099-1291 A.D.
  80. The Crusader Campaigns
  81. The Second Muslim Period 1187-1517 A.D.
  82. The Ottoman Turkish Rule 1517-1917 A.D.
  83. Napoleon’s Campaign (1799 A.D.)
  84. The British Campaign (1917-1918)
  85. Independence May 14 Invasion May 15
  86. War of Independence (1948-1949)
  87. Arab Refugees (1948-1949)
  88. The Sinai Campaign (1956)
  89. The Six Day War (1967)
  90. The Six Day War in Jerusalem
  91. The Yom Kippur War October 1973
  92. Changing Borders (1973-1982)
  93. Israel Today
  94. Jerusalem Today
  95. Jerusalem- The Old City Today
  96. The Campaign of Armageddon
  97. The Messianic Kingdom
  98. Additional Resources
  99. Scripture Index
  100. Index of Maps
  101. Index of Personal Names
  102. Index of Images



250 pages

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