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The Bill Salus Trilogy Book Package – 3 Eye Opening Books on the Bible Prophecies Yet To Come – by Bill Salus – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


The Next Prophecies by Bill Salus (Book Only) - SHIPPING INCLUDED IN USA ONLY

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The Last Prophecies book - The Prophecies in the First Three and a Half Years of the Tribulation - by Bill Salus **SHIPPING INCL IN USA**

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The NOW Prophecies Book - Best-seller from Bill Salus - *Shipping included in USA only*

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Available on backorder

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The Bill Salus Trilogy Book Package

Includes his new book, The Last Prophecies

by Bill Salus 

  • The Now Prophecies Book
  • The Next Prophecies Book
  • The Last Prophecies BookThe LAST Prophecies is Book 3 in an end-times prophecy book series. It is the sequel to The NOW Prophecies and The NEXT Prophecies.The LAST Prophecies explores the biblical prophecies listed below that happen within the first 3 ½ years of the dreaded Seven-Year Tribulation Period. •The Terminal Generation (What it is and How to Escape it)
    •How Israel Gains World Renown after Ezekiel 38
    •The Coming Third Jewish Temple
    •Supernatural Signs and Lying Wonders
    •The Harlot Religion of “Mystery Babylon”
    •The 144,000 Hebrew Evangelists
    •The Two Witnesses
    •A Worldwide Christian Revival 
    •The 3 Phases of Christian Martyrdom
    •The Seven Seal Judgments 
    •The Seven Trumpet Judgments
    •The Unholy Harlot and Antichrist Alliance
    •The Ten Kings and Other Kings in the Tribulation

    Ancient prophecies are about to roll off of their parchments and pound down on the pavement packing a powerful global punch. Don’t get LEFT BEHIND to face The LAST Prophecies of the Tribulation Period!