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The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah by David Levy


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The Tabernacle: Shadows of the Messiah

by David M. Levy and Friends of Israel

Would you like to understand the Levitical system and its connection to Jesus the Messiah’s sacrificial death to redeem mankind? Would you like to see the relationship between the Hebrew Scriptures and the gospel message?

You are looking at one of the best books available in the world today on the subject of the Tabernacle and its relationship to the gospel and the Messiah. David Levy addresses every facet of every component connected with the Jewish Tabernacle, from the time God gave Moses the blueprint for it on Mt. Sinai. He also gives detailed, yet easily-grasped instruction on the Jewish sacrificial system and priesthood.

This book is a perennial best-seller and a must-read for all who love Jesus and long to grasp the connection between His work on Calvary and the Jewish worship system. 


Part 1: The Tabernacle

1. The Tabernacle

2. The Brazen Altar

3. The Brazen Laver

4. The Golden Lampstand

5. The Table of Showbread

6. The Altar Of Incense

7. The Veil

8. The Ark of the Covenant

9. The Mercy Seat

Part II: The Sacrificial System

1. The Sacrificial Offerings

2. The Burnt Offerings

3. The Meal Offering

4. The Peace Offering

5. The Sin Offering

6. The Trespass Offering

Part III: The Priesthood

1. Called to Serve

2. Clothed For Service

3. Consecrated For Service

4. Conduct in Service

5. Christ, the Superior Priest

6. Christ, the Sovereign Priest

7. Covenant of the Savior

8. Christ, the Serving Priest

9. Christ, the Superior Sacrifice

10. Christ, the Supplicating Priest

11. Consecrated to Christ For Service



259 pages

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