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***Support Our Ministry in May*** – The Tom Horn Gone But Not Forgotten Package – A Masterpiece Anthology From Tom Horn and Skywatch TV  -96 Programs on 8 DVDs plus 2 BONUS BOOKS – Shipping included in the USA


Tom Horn's Final Book - Summoning the Demon - Artificial Intelligence and the Image of the Beast - By Tom Horn, Joe Horn and Allie Anderson - Shipping Included in the USA

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The Definitive Tom Horn Skywatch TV Collection - 96 Interviews on 8 DVDs - Gone But Not Forgotten! Shipping Included in the USA!

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The Boy From El Mirage: A Memoir of Odd Beginnings, Unexpected Miracles, and Why I Have No Idea How I Wound Up Where I Am? The Thomas Horn Story

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*** Support Our Ministry in May***

The Tom Horn Gone But Not Forgotten Package

A Masterpiece Anthology From Tom Horn and Skywatch TV 

96 Programs on 8 DVDs plus 2 BONUS BOOKS

**International customers see below for shipping**

      1. Summoning the Demon Book – Artificial Intelligence and the Image of the Beast 

      2. The Definitive Skywatch DVD Collection – 96 Tom Horn Interviews on 8 DVDs! 

      3. The Boy From El Mirage Book – Tom Horn’s Autobiography  

It’s hard to say goodbye to old friends, especially a visionary genius like Tom Horn. Friend, mentor, brilliant researcher, literary ground-breaker and the creative force behind Defender Publishing, Tom has left us to enjoy life with Jesus in eternity. But his work and wisdom will continue through his cutting edge, futuristic perspectives on things to come. His last and final book, Summoning the Demon: Artificial Intelligence and the Image of the Beast completes the mission God gave him, warning the world of a frightening future that is happening at shocking, breakneck speed. Elon Musk called Artificial Intelligence “summoning the demon.” And for good reason. Things have progressed quicker than any of us anticipated. Is this part of Lucifer’s plan? Replacing mankind with AI? 

Tom’s book examines the future and covers the creation of these godlike machines. Deepfakes, artificial men, advanced robots, the BORG, the image in the Temple that speaks, the trigger event that introduces the 666 number … you’ll find it all in this life-changing book, warning the world how close we are to meeting Jesus face to face. 

As a special package, Skywatch TV has gone the extra mile and prepared a spectacular anthology package on 8 DVDs … jam packed with NINETY SIX of Tom’s best television interviews, a one-of-a-kind look at the life and legacy of Tom Horn. As an extra bonus, we’ll include Tom’s autobiography, The Boy From El Mirage in the package. It’s full of miracles, trials and strange encounters … an amazing story of how God took a man from humble “pool hall” beginnings and created a legacy of memories that will last forever. 



***SHIPPING INCLUDED in USA ONLY*** – This package is available for non-USA customers with additional International shipping costs. Contact us at for a shipping quote on this package of products. There are no additional handling charges or packaging charges added. Our shipping charges are what the US Postal Service charges to send this package Internationally.