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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Support Our Ministry in August – The Gospel in the Stars Offer – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!


The Heavens Declare the Glory of God - Biblical Astronomy Comes Alive - DVD by Mondo Gonzales (Shipping included in the USA only)

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Ragnarok: Humanity's Last Stand DVD - Tracking Apophis - by Josh Peck, Tom Horn, Gary Stearman and Friends - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Hubble Legacy - 30 Years of Discovery and Images - by Jim Bell - FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

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Support Our Ministry in August

The Gospel in the Stars Offer


Hubble Legacy: A Coffee Table Book by Jim Bell

This is the definitive book on the Hubble Space Telescope, written by noted astronomer Jim Bell.
Looking deep into space, by definition, means looking back in time—and the Hubble Space Telescope can look very far back, including at stars, nebulae, and galaxies that are very ancient. If there is a single legacy of Hubble as it turns 30 years old and nears the end of its useful life, it is this: It has done more to chronicle the origin of the known universe than any other instrument ever created. Hubble has also captured an astounding collection of ultraviolet images that include geysers of solar light, Mars’ famous dust storms, exploding stars, solar flares, globular clusters, and actual galaxies colliding. As for scientific milestones, Hubble has helped us learn that the universe is very ancient and that just about every large galaxy features a black hole at its center, and that it’s possible to create 3-D maps of dark matter. Hubble Legacy will not only feature the most stunning imagery captured by the telescope, but also explain how Hubble has advanced our understanding of the universe and our very creation.

Ragnarok DVD by John Peck, Derek Gilbert and Gary Stearman 

There exists an ancient prophecy about a great burning mountain that falls from the sky, bringing devastation to the world. The prophecy doesn’t state exactly when this will happen, but it provides clues to pinpoint its date of impact—clues that resemble much from our modern age. One man has been given three visions from God of this great disaster, two of which have already been fulfilled exactly as he was shown.

Are we about to see this destroying force enter the Earth’s atmosphere? If so, is there anything we can do about it? Has science finally confirmed what prophecy experts and scholars have been saying all along?

In this explosive documentary from film visionary Josh Peck (Silent Cry, The Great Delusion), you will learn:

  • How the “Wormwood Prophecy” connects to our modern age
  • Whether the coming asteroid, Apophis, could be the harbinger of destruction
  • What NASA is saying about an approaching asteroid
  • The science, history, and prophecies surrounding asteroid impact
  • The most probable dates for imminent impact
  • The full vision concerning Wormwood
  • What, if anything, can be done about this threat

Featuring Dr. Thomas Horn, Gary Stearman, Dr. Michael Strauss, Dr. Jeff Zweerink, Derek Gilbert, and more!

The Heavens Declare the Glory of God by Mondo Gonzales 

Join Mondo Gonzales as he guides you on an amazing journey through the universe. Not only are the graphic images and animations stunning, but examining what the Bible has to say about the heavens will educate and encourage you more than you know. In this DVD you will learn:

  • How close we are to the nearest star
  • How long it would take for us to get there
  • The staggering size of our universe
  • The basics of astronomical distances
  • How and when God made the stars
  • About the glory of God as seen through the heavens
  • The ways in which God uses the size of the universe to teach us about Himself
  • And much more!



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