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Study of the Types: An All-Time Classic by Ada R. Habershon


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Study of the Types

An All-Time Classic

by Ada R. Habershon

This classic work unfolds the types and symbols in the Old Testament that represent Christ, the Cross, the Resurrection, the Holy Spirit, and many others. The wealth of material on typology will strengthen your faith and warm your heart with love and thankfulness to God. Here are a few great references for Study of the Types:

“I would earnestly commend this book to Bible students. It is superior to a great number of works that deal with Christ’s teaching in a superficial manner. One could most profitably spend an entire year reading this volume.”

Moody Magazine

We are confident that earnest workers who desire to know the Old Testament better in its relation to the New Testament will find Ada Habershon’s book a real help.”

Baptist Bible Tribune

Habershon’s writing is marked by clarity, logic, and a profound knowledge of the whole of Scripture. This is not a book to read through hurriedly, but will repay careful reading with your Bible at hand. On practically every page there are spiritual lessons that will strengthen your faith.” 

The Sunday School Times


1. Reasons For Studying the Types

2. Double Types

3. The Grouping of Types

4. Types of Calvary

5. Types of the Resurrection

6. God’s Dwelling Places

7. The Ark of the Testimony

8. God’s Sevenfold Provision for Cleansing

9. The Offerings

10. Typical Colors

11. The Garments of the Believer

12. Typical Places

13. Typical Characters

14. Types of Christ as the Shepherd

15. Types of the Holy Spirit

16. The Majesty in the Heavens

Ada R. Habershon (1861-1918) was born in London England. Few women have made a contribution to the cause of biblical scholarship equal to that of Ada Habershon. After formal Bible training, she turned her efforts to the exploration of the Scriptures. She was a devoted friend of D. L. Moody, Charles H. Spurgeon, R. A. Torrey, and Ira Sankey. In addition to writing hundreds of hymns, she is also the author of eight Bible studies. 



233 pages


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