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A Studio 2 Conversation with Bill Salus: Revelation For the Final Generation

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A Studio 2 Conversation with Bill Salus: Revelation For the Final Generation

Featuring Gary Stearman & Bill Salus

Imagine being seated comfortably in a quiet room with a great Bible scholar. You realize that this is someone you’ve really wanted to meet. Perhaps you ran across a book, heard a speech, or saw a presentation on television. You bought that book, or maybe a friend gave you a copy. You were challenged by ideas that you’d never seen before and the more you read the more you’ve asked yourself, “I wonder how this person arrived at these conclusions? What’s the real story here?” That’s precisely the inspiration behind Studio 2 . . . bringing you a quiet encounter with time enough to allow the experts to express their deepest and most heartfelt ideas – their real stories!

An interview is one thing, but a conversation is quite another. The beliefs of our guests are more than facts and theory. They really believe what they teach and want to share that with you. Biblical views you may have seen at first as controversial or complex, somehow rise to clarity when time and mood allow them to be properly explained and understood.

Human nature is such that the proper frame of mind allows depth that opens the understanding. On the other hand, quick commentary is the stuff of argumentation. A statement made in haste often produces confusion rather than clarity. Our goal is to provide a sense of familiarity and to allow time for ideas to be developed. As Proverbs 15:23 puts it, “Man has joy by the answer of his mouth, and a word spoken is due season, how good it is!”



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