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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
-Titus 2:13
Your Roadmap to Eternity
with Gary Stearman & Billy Crone

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Standing Down Goliath


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Standing Down Goliath

Nephilim DNA, Cyborgs, Artificial Intelligence, Nano-Chips, World Brain, Prophecy, Babylon Stargate, Virtual Reality, American Matrix and Interdimensional Armageddon

by Paul McGuire

In this powerful and oft-times shocking book, Paul McGuire will reveal how Bible prophecy predicts a coming one-world government, a one-world economic system, and a one-world religion, a system where the Mark of the Beast will be given to people that they may buy and sell. All of this is now happening right before our eyes with the rise of microchip implants, virtual reality, and science-fiction-style surveillance technologies, seen in movies like Minority Report, The Matrix, Total Recall, The Hunger Games, and Inception

Paul provides evidence how a scientific elite that began in Atlantis and was documented by the philosopher Plato, and later by writers H.G. Wells, are using computer technology to develop a “World Brain” to control the masses. Super Artificial Intelligence, Computer Brain Interfaces, a Global Matrix, the Singularity and Transhumanism are the catch words of the day. 

Paul shows how the Tower of Babel could have been an inter-dimensional stargate and suggests that ancient occult technologies were introduced to mankind by the “sons of God,” who mated with human women; creating the hybrid race we know today as the Nephilim. Paul explains how the account of Noah and the flood represents a signal event that involved the alteration of the human genome via Luciferian/fallen angel DNA pollution. Jesus warned us that these “Days of Noah” events would return in the last days. 

In Standing Down Goliath you will discover how events in Russia, America, the EU, the Ukraine, Syria, Iran, China and Israel are fulfilling the prophecies of Daniel, Ezekiel, the Apostle Paul and Jesus Christ. It explains how the Bible predicts the final space-based war called Armageddon and the Gog Magog War recorded in great detail in Ezekiel 38 and 39. 

The books also explains the plans to destroy the U.S. dollar and bring in a world currency. Paul exposes the coming global crisis that will change the lives of the people left behind and the coming invasion of Israel by the nations of the world. 


1. Cybernetic Paradise, Mind-Reading Technology, and the Post-Human Dictatorship

2. The Rise of Robot Journalists and the World Brain; Beware of the Media Industrial Complex

3. Manchurian Media Personality and the Reality of the Mind Control War

4. Strategies of God Kings and Breaking Through the Neurological Firewall

5. High Noon and the Rise and Fall of America

6. Spy Blimps, Gravity’s Rainbow, Predictive Programming and Thomas Pynchon

7. Who is the Manchurian Candidate?

8. The Coming Neurological Shockwave and the Explosion of the Normalcy Bias

9. Ronald Reagan and the Secret Occult Destiny of America


10. The Eve of Destruction; Economic Collapse; The Wolf of Wall Street; The Rebirth of the American Dream

11. China Moon Mission; Replacing the American Dream With the China Dream

12. 2014: Judgment Day For America; The Bible As America’s New Pornography

13. A Shot of Adrenaline in the Heart: The Deafening Roar of Tectonic Plates

14. My Big Brother is Bigger Than Your Big Brother

15. The Apocalypse Begins Tomorrow at Sunrise

16. Big Brother, the World Brain and Psycho-history

17. Big Brother’s 300 Million-Man Army

18. Tin Foil Hat Media, Big Brother, and the Myth of the Conspiracy Theory


19. Luciferian North Korea’s Electromagnetic Pulse

20. America in Prophecy, Babylon and the New World Order

21. The Battlefield in the Fourth Dimension

22. From Russia With Love: Meteors and the Coming Nuclear Attack on America

23. Big Brother, Illusion, and Revolution in the Fourth Dimension

24. Riders of the American Future: Zero Point Energy Waves and Psychotronic Scalar Weapons

25. The Future of America, Cosmic Warfare, Parallel Universes and the Matrix

26. The Day Russia Attacks the United States


27. Israel, America, The Armageddon, and Cosmic Warfare

28. The Coming Biological Warfare Attack in America

29. Multiple Nukes Going off in U.S. Cities

30. The Coming War of Gog and Magog

31. Is Russia Preparing to Attack the United States?

32. Armageddon: A Space War Coming to You Soon

33. The Fourth Dimensional DNA War



225 pages

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