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The Stan Deyo Package (Cosmic Conspiracy Book & Garden of Eden DVDs)

The Cosmic Conspiracy - By Stan Deyo

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Search For the Garden of Eden 3-DVD Set (Stan Deyo)

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The Stan Deyo Package (Book & 3 Garden of Eden & Solomonic Antichrist DVDs) 

by Stan Deyo

The Stan Deyo Package includes

1. The Cosmic Conspiracy (Book)

2. The Search For the Garden of Eden (DVD)

3. Vintage Stan Deyo Lectures (DVD)


Recruited by the Illuminati, Stan Deyo was taken secretly to Australia in 1971 to design “flying saucer” propulsion systems with Edward Teller, father of the hydrogen bomb. He learned the shocking secrets that send people to an early death. 30 years later he finally was able to recover his passport with help from powerul government contacts and return to his native America. The stories he tells of his “time away” are truly extraordinary! Many years later after literally running for his life Deyo reveals why “they” keep the alien/UFO agenda from the public. And soon you will know who “they” are. Many have investigated this huge conspiracy from the outside looking in – but only one has come forward from an insider’s perspective. Recently updated in 2010, this lesson in government cover-ups and intrigue will take you to the dark side. There you will find a world of black budgets, super advanced technology, and flying saucers! 
Table of Contents

SECTION I: Flights of Reasons
CHAPTER 1 – Sightings and Suspicions
CHAPTER 2 – Electro-Gravitic Propulsion
CHAPTER 3 – Constructs of Reality
CHAPTER 4 – Radiant Genius: Tesla
CHAPTER 5 – Effecting Weather Warfare
CHAPTER 6 – The 1982 Alignments

SECTION II: Mysticism And Numerology: Mystery Babylon
CHAPTER 1 – Centuries Of Darkness
CHAPTER 2 – Orders of Illuminism
CHAPTER 3 – Seal of Deception
CHAPTER 4 – Model For ‘Peace’
CHAPTER 5 – It’s All Happening
CHAPTER 6 – Circles of Illuminati

SECTION III: Not Of Earth: Ichthus
CHAPTER 1 – In the Beginning
CHAPTER 2 – Conflicts Bear Witness
CHAPTER 3 – How to Survive
CHAPTER 4 – Taken to Safety
CHAPTER 5 – Horror With Grace
CHAPTER 6 – Until Sin Dies
CHAPTER 7 – Spread the Word

‘Survival Kit’: Reading List For Section III
Appendix No. 1 – New York Herald Tribune articles
Appendix No. 2 – Interavia Electro-Gravitics article
Appendix No. 3 – The Gravitics Situation (Gravity Rand Ltd.)
Appendix No. 4 – Copies of the Maxfield-Teller letters
Appendix No. 5 – Einstein’s Relativity Error
Appendix No. 6 – Electrodynamic Propulsion
Appendix No. 7 – Regionalized and Adaptive Model of the Global World System



Search For the Garden of Eden (3-DVDs)

by Stan Deyo

Few people can thrill a crowd like author and researcher Stan Deyo. His two latest studies are off the charts as Stan takes us to the ends of the Earth in search for the elusive Garden of Eden.

DVD 1 features a LIVE presentation, complete wih an intricate musical score and satellite technology. Stan explores and locates the 4 special rivers described in the book of Genesis, leading him to a logical conclusion—he’d found the original location of the Garden of Eden! The DVD includes a set of 3-D glasses so you will be able to see things in Google Earth that you’ve never seen before.

DVD 2 explores the connection between Solomon and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Is there a Masonic connection in play here? Is the name of the Antichrist revealed in the Bible? Why do Muslims think so highly of King Solomon? The location of Solomon’s richest gold source is revealed in the lecture. 

DVD3 is vintage Stan, a young man teaching and preaching on the mysteries of the Universe and the complicated world in which we live! Well worth the price of admission! 



Link to just the Garden of Eden DVD— $29.95

Link to just the Cosmic Conspiracy book— $29.95

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The Cosmic Conspiracy - By Stan Deyo

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Search For the Garden of Eden 3-DVD Set (Stan Deyo)

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