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"Looking for that blessed hope, and the glorious appearing of the great God and our Saviour Jesus Christ"
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SPECIAL PENTECOST GIFT OFFER – The Paradise of God Book by Larry Ollison – Discover the Biblical Truth About Heaven – FREE SHIPPING in the USA!

The Paradise of God: Discover the Biblical Truth About Heaven (This is an awesome book!)

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The Paradise of God Book 

Discover the Biblical Truth About Heaven & Unlock the Mystery of Life After Death

by Dr. Larry Ollison

THE PARADISE OF GOD IS A REAL PLACE. In these last days Paradise is filled with the living spirits of the saints, waiting for their resurrected bodies. Upon completion of God’s prophetic plan, Heaven will once again be populated, only this time with the glorified, resurrected saints who give Him honor throughout eternity. Rebellion no longer exists in Heaven and it is and will be an eternal place of glory and honor. 

There are four instances in Scripture where the Paradise of God is mentioned. The first instance is Eden, the Paradise of God in Heaven, where Lucifer lived before he fell. The second instance of Paradise is Eden, the Garden of God on Earth where Adam was placed and told to maintain it. The third instance is under the Earth, where the Old Covenant righteous saints went when they died. And the fourth instance of Paradise is in the Third Heaven, where Paul visited and the Apostle John had the Revelation. 

Most people have a skewed vision of what Heaven is, or what Heaven was or will be like. They tend to picture angels floating around, some having bows and arrows, and others having harps, but none of them actually having a life. To many people, Heaven sounds like a boring place and there is little desire to go there, although it sure beats the alternative!

The truth is, the spiritual kingdom of God, the afterlife—the place where God lives, is much more exciting, much more scientific, and much more glorious than anything Earth could ever produce. In the Kingdom of Heaven, there will be colors beyond the natural spectrum and inexpressible sounds. Earthly physics will seem like elementary math. The discoveries that can be made in the Paradise of God and the life that can be lived in the Kingdom of Heaven will make the Earthly lifestyle bland by comparison. It’s time we understand the ecstasy that will come from living in God’s Kingdom and the pure joy that will be experienced by the continual revelation of the mysteries of God. 

In this book you will learn the biblical truth of what heaven is really like. You will be taken step by step through the future life of a believer—what they will experience from the time their spirit leaves their body at physical death, to when they receive their new glorified body, through the Millennium, and into the place that Jesus has prepared in the New Jerusalem!

Your best days are yet to come! In this captivating book, The Paradise of God, you will discover what the Bible says about creation and the role of the Church from now throughout eternity. You don’t have to guess because it’s not a mystery. The truth is already laid out in the Scriptures. This exciting book covers many of these critically important subjects. 

  • The Fall of Lucifer and His Angels
  • The Creation of Man & the Garden of Eden
  • The Resurrection of Jesus & the Birth of the Church
  • The Catching Away of the Church
  • The Judgment Seat of Christ
  • The Bride of Christ
  • The Great Tribulation & the Antichrist
  • The Second Coming of Jesus
  • The 1,000 Year Millennial Reign of Christ
  • The Great White Throne Judgment
  • The New Jerusalem
  • The Paradise of God in Heaven
  • Eternity