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Second Glance: A Rich Christiano Film


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Second Glance: A Rich Christiano Film

Rich Christiano has been one of my favorite Christian filmmakers for a long time. His movies offer a solid, evangelical message and he has a bit of Alfred Hitchcock in him, always coming up with a surprise, unexpected ending to his movies. Rich has produced quite a few movies and we want to make sure his commitment to Christ is shared with as many people as possible. Look for the Rich Christiano Movie Package in our bookstore. Your family will appreciate his work. 

Dan Burgess is a senior in high school and questioning whether his Christian commitment is worth it. There’s a big party coming up and all the kids are going. He’d like to go but knows he shouldn’t. There’s a certain girl he’d love to date but knows he shouldn’t. The guys continually make fun of his faith in Christ and Dan feels that he’s missing all the “fun” offered by the world. Plus, Dan’s stand for Jesus doesn’t seem to be influencing anyone. So, one night, out of frustration, Dan decides his faith is restricting him. He wishes he had never become a Christian. Does he get his wish? See what Dan Burgess is about to learn as he takes a “second glance” at his life. 



50 minutes

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