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Search For the Garden of Eden 3-DVD Set (Stan Deyo)


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Search For the Garden of Eden (3-DVDs)

by Stan Deyo

Few people can thrill a crowd like author and researcher Stan Deyo. His two latest studies are off the charts as Stan takes us to the ends of the Earth in search for the elusive Garden of Eden.

DVD 1 features a LIVE presentation, complete with an intricate musical score and satellite technology. Stan explores and locates the 4 special rivers described in the book of Genesis, leading him to a logical conclusion—he’d found the original location of the Garden of Eden! The DVD includes a set of 3-D glasses so you will be able to see things in Google Earth that you’ve never seen before.

DVD 2 explores the connection between Solomon and the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple. Is there a Masonic connection in play here? Is the name of the Antichrist revealed in the Bible? Why do Muslims think so highly of King Solomon? The location of Solomon’s richest gold source is revealed in the lecture. 

DVD3 is vintage Stan, a young man teaching and preaching on the mysteries of the Universe, the New World Order and the complicated world in which we live! Well worth the price of admission! 




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